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Dog bone mw3: how to get the diagram in zombie mode?

Find out how to get the Dog Bone Blueprint in MW3 Zombies and take on the challenges of the new Season 1!

Call of Duty Season 1 Update Modern Warfare 3  (MW3) Zombies introduced new content, including the captivating Dog Bone Diagram. But be careful, the difficulty in obtaining these rewards has increased!

MW3 Zombies offers an immersive survival experience set in a dystopian map filled with monsters. Among these, formidable bosses whose defeat is essential to unlock legendary items.

How to unlock the Dog Bone blueprint in MW3?

In MW3 Zombies, the Dog Bone Blueprint is an exclusive reward obtained after completing complex missions. This guide details the necessary steps, highlighting the difficulty and importance of preparation.

  1. Preparation: Launch MW3 zombie mode and prepare your equipment.
  2. Act 4 Mission: Complete all stages in Act 4, then go through the portal to complete the stated objectives.
  3. Fight against the Boss Aether Worm: After defeating him, collect the Legendary Journal near the portal from which he appeared.
  4. Collecting Items:  Return to Urzikstan to obtain a Dog Collar from a niche, after using a Molotov.
  5. Item Harvesting:  Equip your Brain Rot weapon and enter an Aether Nest to collect a Pill Bottle, then equip Dead Wire to obtain a Surveillance Camera.
  6. Bounty Contracts:  Upgrade collected items to Legendary grade, then visit the whirlpool near the Red Circle to face the Mega Abomination.
  7. Final Steps:  After defeating the boss, collect the Sigil of Aether and complete the rabbit contracts to obtain the Sigil of the Ancients and finally the Dogbone Blueprint.
To help you, you can watch the video below:

Obtaining the Dog Bone Diagram in MW3 Zombies is a remarkable feat that requires persistence, strategy, and effective teamwork.