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Double XP MW3 weekend, when will the next one be available?

 Activision offers Modern Warfare 3 double XP weekends from time to time, but when is the next one? We will try to answer it.

Like the release of each season, Activision plans free weekends and double XP weekends and Modern Warfare 3 is no exception.

Many players are impatiently waiting for the next double XP weekend and some are wondering if we have any information on the next one. We give you the answer.

When is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Double XP Weekend?

If you're wondering when the next Double XP Leveling and Weapons Weekend is, well, we know Activision had to make it the weekend of December 16 and 17. However, it ended up being a free weekend. According to the information available in the game in the “Event” section, the next weekend double XP. It should normally last until Tuesday, December 26, but we should know more in the coming days. will be available from Thursday, December 21 is two days away at the time of writing, which indicates that it

When is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Double XP Weekend

While waiting for this next double XP weekend on Modern Warfare 3, we remind you that you can obtain double experience tokens by progressing in the battle pass, by completing the main campaign of the game or even using codes that are given by Activision.