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You can still get In EA FC 24 today using a simple method from the upgrade SBCs gradually get stronger players. We'll show you how it works.

Which upgrade SBCs are these? The focus is on the new upgrade SBCs that were released as part of the Dynasty event appeared that would be there:

  1. Player choice (1 of 3 players with at least 78)
  2. 10x 83 upgrade
  3. Double upgrade 85+

The order of the upgrade SBCs is crucial. If you follow our method, you should gradually get better cards with a little time investment and a small starting capital of coins and players. We'll tell you exactly how this is supposed to work below.

With a simple method to guaranteed “85+ players”

How does the upgrade method work? The method is designed to ensure that you use almost all of the players you get from the first two upgrades immediately for the next better SBC can. Of course, this excludes players with a rating of 85 or more, because we want to create these players using this method.

First step: 78+player choice (infinitely repeatable)

You start with the 78+ player choice, which you can complete an infinite number of times. After completing the game, you can choose between one of three random players, all of whom have at least a rating of 78.

This upgrade has the following requirements: a team with 5 gold players, one of which is rare.

According to Futbin the price for this SBC is just 2,800 coins. If you still have a few useless cards lying around in the club, you can even complete the player selection a few times for free. With a little luck, you'll get the players you need for the next upgrade SBC.

Which ratings and cards from the player choice will help you get ahead? Theoretically, you mainly need cards with a minimum rating of 83 or higher. The information from the Team of the Week (TOTW) is particularly worthwhile. These have a constant value of over 35,000 coins this year. You should definitely take such cards with you, even if they may have a worse rating than other players.

However, all player ratings that are 81 or 82 are also helpful, because you need these partly for the next better upgrade, but especially for the last and strongest SBC. But more on that later.

So don't be upset if the 83+ players don't show up straight away. After a while, when you have collected a number of 83s (at least 9), you move on to the next SBC.

Second step: 10x 83+Upgrade (2x repeatable)

We continue with the stronger upgrade pack, which you can repeat twice. There are ten players in this pack who have at least a rating of 83 or higher. In the worst-case scenario, you will get at least a value of 10,000 coins back (if an 83 costs 1,000 coins).

This upgrade SBC has the following requirements: an 83 team with a TOTW player

According to Futbin the value for this SBC is around 42,000 coins and of course, represents a significant price increase compared to the first SBC. The factor What makes this upgrade expensive is not necessarily the 83 team itself, but rather the required TOTW player.

If you weren't lucky enough to get a TOTW from the previous player selection or you still have such a player in your club, you have to take a few coins in your hand and invest in an Inform card.

Remember that for an 83 team, you only need 9 players with an 83 rating. You can fill the two free spots with 82 players.

Which ratings and cards from this upgrade will help you? Once you have completed the pack, you should open it immediately, because the contents of this pack will give you one in the best-case scenario or several high-rated cards (85+) that you can save or maybe even play. Considering the next better SBC, 84 ratings are also very interesting.

In the worst-case scenario, it will “only” provide you with player material (83) so that you can complete this SBC again.

You then repeat the second step one more time. With a little luck, you should have already collected one or two 85+ players either from the first step (player choice) or from the second step (10x 83) before you tackle the final upgrade pack. This has a moderate probability of drawing really strong players.

Third step: 85+ double upgrade (repeatable 2x)

Finally, we now come to the best upgrade SBC from our series. With this one, the chances of one or two walkouts (86+) in a pack are particularly high.

This upgrade SBC requires you to have two teams:

  • an 82 team with at least two 84 cards
  • an 83 team

According to futbin, the pack is priced at around 23,000 coins, even lower than the 10x 83+ upgrade. However, due to the requirements, it makes sense to complete this last in the order, as you can now use the remaining 83 cards from the second round 10x 83 for this SBC.

For the 82 team you will of course need the two required 84 cards. However, you can then fill the rest with 81 players. You build the 83 team as already mentioned above.

Whether you open these powerful packs now or maybe wait until the new event tonight is up to you.