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End of Prime Gaming TFT: why is this the end of the collaboration between Riot Games and Amazon?

 After a few years of collaboration between Amazon and Riot Games offering free packs for Teamfight Tactics, it's the end. We tell you why.

End of Prime Gaming TFT: why is this the end of the collaboration between Riot Games and Amazon?

The collaboration between Riot Games and Amazon allows players to collect packs for their favorite games thanks to the Prime Gaming offer. This was particularly the case for League of Legends or even VALORANT which allow you to get free rewards. This is also the case for the game Teamfight Tactics.

However, Riot Games has announced the end of the collaboration between the two companies, which has the direct consequence of inevitably leading to the end of these free rewards. In this article, we reveal the reasons behind the end of the collaboration between Amazon and Riot Games and when the last rewards will be available.

Why is this the end of Prime Gaming rewards for Teamfight Tactics?

In a press release posted on Twitter, Riot Games announced the end of its collaboration with Amazon including Prime Gaming, which allowed gamers and players to Teamfight Tactics to collect free rewards over the months if you had an Amazon Prime subscription. Also, Riot Games reveals that it was Prime Gaming who did not wish to renew this partnership.

Riot also announces that the partnership will end in March 2024, which indicates the date of the last free rewards available. In other words, you will be able to claim your Teamfight Tactics packs until March 2024.

How to collect the latest rewards?

If you want to take advantage of the packs offered on Prime Gaming, you will need to be a subscriber to Amazon Prime. As a reminder, three subscriptions are available: the annual at 69.90 euros, the monthly at 6.99 euros and the Student version at 34.96 euros for the year. As soon as you have an Amazon account and are a Prime subscriber, simply follow the instructions below to collect the packs for TFT: 

  • Go to the Prime Gaming website 
  • Type Teamfight Tactics in the “Search Prime Gaming” tab to accessthe dedicated TFT page
  • As soon as you are on this page, click on the “ Recover now ” button
  • You will now need to link your Prime Gaming and Riot Games account
  • Once this is done, you will be returned to the offer page and collect your rewards
After obtaining your rewards, simply launch your game and you will see that the prizes collected have been automatically credited to your account. Finally, we remind you that you can collect other Prime Gaming rewards like those offered on Warzone 2 or even Hearthstone.