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Error Code 14515 Warzone 3: How to resolve this Call of Duty server issue?

 When playing online games like Warzone 2, it is not uncommon to encounter bugs with strange codes. The problem is that it is not always easy to know if the problem comes from us, from the game, or from the servers, and especially how to solve it. In this article, we will look at error code 14515.

Error code 14515, often a problem with Warzone servers

As we have just told you when an error code appears on Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, it is not always easy to know who is responsible. It can be the game and often that means downloading it again, which is quite annoying given its weight, especially if you have a small internet connection.

Precisely, it can also be the latter which causes you to end up with an error message. Finally, the last culprit for an error code can be the game server which can either be offline due to updating or simply have a problem.

So, what scenario do we find ourselves in with error code 14515 on Warzone 3? Well, most of the time the problem won't be with you. You won't have to reinstall the game either since it's the server that is in difficulty.

To check this, you can go to social networks where on big games, server failures are quickly reported. You can also go to a site like downdetector, which can tell you if the servers are having problems thanks to player feedback.

Error code 14515, often a problem with Warzone servers

What to do if code 14515 appears in Warzone 3?

If you ever have this error code 14515 which appears on Warzone and you manage to have confirmation that at least some of the players are having difficulty connecting to the game or starting a game, it will not be there. have 50 solutions.

The problem does not come from you, but from the game servers, you will have to wait for Activision/Blizzard to resolve the problem that is causing the error code and this can sometimes take a long time. However, if other players don't seem to be having difficulty, it could be that the problem is with you.

To be sure to eliminate the most common causes, be sure to check that you have a sufficient internet connection so as not to have problems with a difficult connection or excessive latency in the game. Also, shut down the game to restart it.

Take this opportunity to check that there is not a pending update that might not have been done. Normally, if everything is good on this side, you should no longer be bothered by this error code 14515, or at least, it will not be you or your hardware that will be to blame!