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Exclusive Palia Switch reward: how to link your account and get the gifts?

 Get ready for Palia on Switch! Find out how to link your account for exclusive rewards starting December 14.

It's official, Palia is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 14, 2023! If you are a fan of this charming world, get ready to experience this unique adventure on your favorite console.

This launch brings its share of special gifts for players. Whether you're a Palia veteran on PC or a newcomer on Switch, there are some great surprises in store for you.

What rewards on Nintendo Switch for Palia?

Palia will be available on Nintendo Switch with exclusive rewards for players who link their accounts. This guide explains how to take advantage of these deals, including the Froggy Bucket and Leapfroggy Outfit.

Login rewards

When Palia launches on Switch, log in to claim the "Froggy" in the limited edition. Available until March 14, 2024, this offer is accessible to players on PC and Switch.

Exclusive Palia Switch reward: how to link your account and get the gifts

How to link your Nintendo and Palia accounts?

By linking your Nintendo Account to Palia, you will earn exclusive rewards. This includes a "Mushroom" and the "Leapfroggy" outfit, available until January 14, 2024. But be careful, you must link your account upon first connection to benefit from these offers.

Differences between PC and Switch Versions

Palia offers a similar gaming experience on PC and Switch, with slight differences in visual fidelity. The Switch version allows for a flexible and portable gaming experience, ideal for short or extended gaming sessions.

To link your account, create a Palia account for free via the website or directly from the game's login screen on Switch. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Nintendo Account to your user profile on the console. The situation is different depending on whether your account is new or already exists:

New Palia accounts

You can create a Palia account for free! Sign up through our website on your web browser, or directly from the in-game login screen on Nintendo Switch.

  • Once you have created your Palia account, use your chosen credentials to log in to the game.
  • You will then be prompted to link it to the current user profile on the device.
  • Select (Y) Continue.

Existing Palia accounts

When you play Palia on Nintendo Switch for the first time, you can link it to your existing Palia account.

  • You will then be asked to log in with your existing account credentials to link it to the current user profile on the device.
  • Select (Y) Continue.
  • Note: You can have one Palia account per user profile on Nintendo Switch.
  • If the device has multiple profiles, it is possible to have different Palia accounts.
  • A Palia account cannot be shared between multiple profiles or devices.
Existing Palia accounts

With the arrival of Palia on Nintendo Switch, a new door opens for adventurers looking for unique rewards and a captivating gaming experience. Don't wait any longer, pre-order Palia for free on the eShop and get ready to dive into this enchanting universe!