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Fortnite Car: how to personalize your car with the Chassis, Wheels and Sticker?

 Find out how to customize your car in Fortnite with unique chassis, wheels, and stickers!

Fortnite Car: how to personalize your car with the Chassis, Wheels and Sticker?

Customization has always been a key part of Fortnite, allowing players to express their unique style. And now that customization extends beyond outfits and accessories – welcome to the era of customizable cars! Before going into details, know that this new feature arrives as part of the 3 new game modes on Fortnite: LEGO, Festival, and Rocket Racing.

In this update, Fortnite introduces an entirely new section to the locker: the Car section. Made up of three types of locker objects - chassis, stickers, and wheels - this section offers a multitude of possibilities for customizing your vehicles. Let's find out together how to transform your car into a reflection of your personality.


Fortnite introduces a new category of cosmetic items to customize cars, including chassis, stickers, and wheels.

These elements are purely aesthetic and offer no competitive advantage.

Customization is extended through collaborations with games like Rocket League.

How does Car Customization work in Fortnite?

The Car section in Fortnite is a space dedicated to customizing your vehicles. Each element - chassis, stickers, and wheels - helps create a unique look for your car. For example, players can now find Rocket League's "Constructor" wheels in their locker, providing a first look at this new feature.

Once you've selected your chassis and wheels, it's time to put them into action. Climb into an in-game sports car, and watch it transform into the appearance you choose. This transformation persists even if you leave the vehicle, and each player can only transform one car per game or game session.

For Rocket League fans, the good news doesn't stop there. If you own certain frames or wheels in Rocket League, they will also be available in Fortnite. This interconnectivity between the two games accentuates the customization experience and enriches your collection.

Stay tuned for future packs available in the Fortnite store, including chassis and other car items. The current Battle Pass already offers the Scorpion chassis, accompanied by matching stickers. Plus, if you're looking for an off-road adventure, the TrailSmasher is here to spice up your island explorations.

Vehicle customization in Fortnite opens a new chapter in the game, where your car becomes an extension of your personality. With these new aesthetic options, the customization possibilities are endless, allowing you to explore the island in style and originality. So, get ready to turn your expeditions into Fortnite with your personalized car!