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Fortnite LEGO Rainbow: Where to find it and how to get the reward at the end?

 Looking to find a rainbow and take the reward in LEGO Fortnite? We explain everything and much more!

In LEGOFortnite Rainbow is a fun addition that allows you to progress in building and survival. Many of you are scouring the map looking for it, sometimes without success. Luckily, a comprehensive guide is here to help you find a rainbow efficiently.

Rainbows are a rare phenomenon in Fortnite Lego, however, they provide you with a good amount of resources. So if you are looking for this lovely phenomenon, We'll explain how to get the reward and where to find a Rainbow in Fortnite Lego.

Where and how to find a Rainbow in Fortnite Lego and how to get the reward at the end?

As mentioned above, finding a Rainbow in Fortnite is not easy. However, they are findable thanks to the "thunder" sound they make when they appear on the map. They don't stay long, so hurry up and get the reward that awaits you at the end of the Rainbow! 

The reward is where the rainbow touches the ground. There you will find a cloud a little above the ground, use stairs to climb onto the cloud. Now you will find Lego characters dancing. All you have to do is dance next to them and lots of items and rewards will fall to the ground! 

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