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Fortnite Rocket Racing guide: how to win, customize vehicles and other tips


Fortnite Rocket Racing guide: how to win, customize vehicles and other tips

Fortnite is more than just a battle royale game, it's a LEGO sandbox survival game and a huge playground for creating all sorts of modes. Now, thanks to the addition of Rocket Racing, created by the team at Psyonix, it's also an arcade racing game.

How to win at Rocket Racing

Rocket Racing takes creative car physics, and customizable cars from Rocket League and throws them onto fantastic race tracks. In addition to basic driving skills in racing simulators, the new mode requires the player to have good spatial thinking, forcing the player to use walls, ceilings, and drifts to his advantage.

The key to winning the race is the competent use of the environment and the mobility of the car itself. Flight is performed using the LMB button and is necessary to overcome obstacles or climb to higher levels of the track. Flipping onto walls and ceilings is performed by pressing the RMB while jumping to connect to the ceiling and the A/D + RMB keys while jumping to connect to the walls.

Successful overtaking of rivals is guaranteed with the correct use of the Shift key, which calls up the “Rocket Skid”, during which acceleration for the car accumulates immediately after exiting the skid. The skid will also be needed to accumulate the overall acceleration bar activated by the middle mouse button (MCM), and additional acceleration when pressing the MMB again after a few seconds.

If you manage to hit the boost button right at the fourth green light early in the race, you'll get a small or huge starting boost. The percentage of acceleration will depend on the time you press, so be sure to keep your finger on the key so you can get maximum acceleration.

How to customize vehicles in Rocket Racing

Rocket Racing, like Lego Fortnite, also includes some cosmetic items that players already have from Rocket League and the base version of Fortnite. Epic says the Octane, Cyclone, Jäger 619, and Lamborghini Huracán STO car bodies from Rocket League will be carried over to Rocket Racing, as will some wheels and decals. Basically, only the Octane body and a set of standard decals are available, which can be fully customized in the new “locker” section.

Hulls that are not available in the basic set can be purchased in the store with the decals included in the kit.

Also, if users have the original Rocket League with a linked EpicGames account and already have cars from the store on their account, then purchased bodies will be available for free in the character’s “locker”.

What cards are available?

There are currently 26 race tracks, with more to come every month. In addition, the game features three biomes from the Fortnite ecosystem: Forest, Jungle, and Canyon.

What is "Ranked Mode"

In addition to the regular mode, which allows you to enjoy any maps along with 12 racers in your group and lobby, there is a competitive mode designed to challenge your dexterity as a driver. In this ranked mode, you will compete against three other players, resulting in four-player races.

As you progress through the ranks, the difficulty of the tracks will increase, moving from smaller and easier maps to larger and more complex tracks. The number of laps required to complete the race will vary depending on the size of the map, ranging from three to five laps.

There are eight rank levels:

  1. Bronze.
  2. Silver.
  3. Gold.
  4. Platinum.
  5. Diamond.
  6. Elite.
  7. Champion.
  8. Unreal.

Ranks from bronze to diamond have 3 stages that must be overcome to reach the next one, but for the next ranks there is only one.

What is "Ranked Mode"

Once you reach the Unreal rank, you will remain there throughout the entire Ranked Season, regardless of your performance in future races. However, this is not the end. Upon reaching the highest rank, the player is assigned a number indicating their position among players of the Unreal rank. Continue to achieve success to increase your ranking and become one of the best players!

Is it possible to gain Battle Pass experience in the new mode?

Rocket Racing includes new quests that we can complete to gain experience that will be valid for all game modes, including Battle Royale. Quests are divided into several sets:

  • Let's race in Rocket Racing: allows you to get additional appearances for your car and character;
  • Start of the zero season: seasonal tasks that allow you to get experience points for the battle pass and additional body decals;
  • Rank: tasks completed in ranked mode allow you to gain additional experience and vehicle parts, such as decals and rims;
  • Daily: tasks are updated every day and bringing additional experience.