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Fortnite: What are the best places to drop into the new Chapter 5 map?

 Beyond the new content that Fortnite Chapter 5 has brought to the game, there are some changes that Epic Games has made to the battle royale without practically notifying anyone in any way. And, precisely, one of the most controversial has to do with nerfing the chests again in a quite specific way: now they appear less on the map. Something that, undoubtedly, makes it essential to know where there is a greater chance of meeting them to start the game in the best possible way.

Well then; The thing is that in this article I want to share with you what would be the best places to fall when jumping from the battle bus based on that same premise. That is, below I am going to share the list of the 5 best locations in which to loot well at the beginning of the game to be as well-equipped as possible from the start. Of course, before leaving you with the places, I also specify the guidelines by which I have chosen them so that you can take them into account:

  • There  is a high probability of a chest appearing to start the game with good equipment  
  • Let it not be  a very crowded place so we can loot quietly 
  • There is a possibility that vehicles appear nearby so that you can use them to move more easily toward the circles of the storm 

Where to fall in Chapter 5 of Fortnite to win the game

Taking into account that it is always cool to take the umbrella of victory in each passing season, I leave you with the list of the best places to fall into below so that you can achieve the much-desired Victory Master. Additionally, I will share an image of the map showing the spawn rate of the chests (made with the Fortnite GG tool ) in case you want to see how they are distributed around the island.

  • In the small town east of Frozen Hill
  • At the eastern end of the island where Ribera Refinada is located
  • In the small base northeast of Canchas Cancheras
  • On the hill southwest of Plaza Placentera
  • North of the mansion is located East of Steep Embarcadero

Where to fall in Chapter 5 of Fortnite to win the game