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Global Black Clover Mobile Code and Coupon: Complete list and how to redeem the bonuses

 Get free items in Black Clover M with free codes for 2023, and unlock exclusive rewards for your adventure!

Global Black Clover Mobile Code and Coupon: Complete list and how to redeem the bonuses

Welcome to the captivating world of Black Clover M, the mobile game inspired by the popular Shonen Jump series. If you are a fan of the anime and aspire to follow in Asta's footsteps towards the title of Wizard King, this article is for you. We will explore the codes available for Black Clover M and how to use them to enrich your gaming experience.

Codes for Black Clover M offer players a chance to get XP materials, in-game money, and maybe even free characters. Currently, several codes appear to be active, but their verification remains pending. We give you the complete list which we will update regularly!

Black Clover M on Mobile: Free Codes and Rewards in 2023

Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King takes you on a journey where you follow Asta, a young hero determined to save the world and become the Wizard King. The game allows you to immerse yourself in epic adventures, battle formidable enemies, and discover hidden treasures, all from the comfort of your mobile device.

Currently, several codes appear to be active for Black Clover M:


Old codes:

  • Lqm5FYS7
  • oKiUSDeC
  • l7c83YDK
  • zPfqZeG5RC
  • s96Y0jGuh
  • Q7vicfYaWBx
  • 6GOxQJXebR

To use them, launch the Black Clover M game, click on your avatar to copy your AID, and then return to the main menu to select the megaphone icon. Click Coupon Redemption, then paste your AID and enter a code to receive your rewards.

What are the rewards with these free codes?

The specific rewards of the codes are yet to be confirmed, but they will likely offer XP materials, in-game currency, weapons, or even free characters. These codes represent a great opportunity for players to strengthen their characters and progress faster in the game.

Codes for Black Clover M offer a fantastic opportunity to get bonuses and improve your gaming experience. Although verification of these codes is pending, using them can potentially give you a significant advantage in your quest to become the King of Wizards.