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God of War Ragnarok Valhalla: fleeting echoes, seals of mastery, divine triumph... How to recover as many resources as possible in the DLC?

 In God of War Ragnarok's free Valhalla DLC, resources will be an essential part of improving your character. However, there are several and not all of them are as easy to recover. We will explain everything to you.

How to gain as many fleeting echoes as possible?

If there is one resource that you will find en masse in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla, it is . It is therefore essential to find as many as possible but also to spend them before dying so as not to waste them.all of the fleeting echoes you gain during a run will be completely lost when you die. However, you will quickly learn that you will never find enough compared to the amount of things you can buy with it. Additionally, fleeting echoes

During your first runs, there is a good chance that you will have a little trouble accumulating fleeting echoes. The most classic way to recover some is simply to eliminate opponents and break all the pots that you come across on your way. However, As your adventure in Valhalla progresses, you will be able to find enough to accumulate several thousand in your inventory.

How to gain as many fleeting echoes as possible

To gain a maximum offleeting echoes, one piece of advice to keep in mind is to everything do to make your runs last. Indeed, after a certain time, you will unlock the possibility of shortening them by going directly to the room of the chosen one of Valhalla rather than waiting one or two more zones. If you want to gain as many fleeting echoes as possible, ignore this possibility andcontinue to take the longest route.

A second tip to know to gain a lot of fleeting echoes is simply tobuy the corresponding improvements on the Tablet of Influence . For a few spiritual seals and divine triumphs, you can indeed ensure that start each run with up to 300 fleeting echoes as well as.drastically increase the number of fleeting echoes released by defeated enemies

Finally note that if there is one place to gain a rain of fleeting echoes, it is during the level in Greece. Indeed, the gain of echoes is exponential in this area. The more enemies you defeat, the more resources you will gain at a time. So don't hesitate to stay a little longer than necessary to earn a maximum fleeting echoes, but be careful not to be too greedy. Remember that enemies get stronger over time in this area. As a guide, we generally choose to stay in the area until the enemies reach level 3 before leaving.

How to earn as many Mastery Seals and Spirit Seals as possible?

If fleeting echoes are resources as common as they are useful during your runs, seals of mastery and < a i=3>spiritual seals are a little rarer and only used when purchasing permanent upgrades on the Beach. Make no mistake though, these resources are some of the most important in the game.

To earn them easily, the first thing to do is toopen as many chests as possible. As with the fleeting echoes, do not hesitate to extend your runs and above all to explore every corner of the area to look for the wooden chests. You can also earn Mastery Seals and Spirit Seals by eliminating Valhalla's chosen ones.

If you want to greatly boost your Mastery Seal and Spirit Seal gains, however, we highly recommend purchasing the corresponding upgrades from the Tablet of Influence on the beach. Indeed, always against a few spiritual seals and divine triumphs, you can choose to make numerous pots containing these two resources appear. Here again, we strongly recommend that you choose it fairly quickly.. While each of them usually only contains 5 or 6, you should break enough during your runs for it to make a real difference. In addition to these two improvements, you will also be able to take a third which will drastically increase the number of mastery seals and spiritual seals left by the chosen ones of Valhalla

Once you have purchased the three upgrades mentioned above, Greece will also become an excellent place to collect a lot of seals of mastery and spiritual seals. Indeed, you will be able to there find a lot of pots containing it, and of course a little less thana dozen chosen ones of Valhalla. Be careful, this also means tackling enemies who are more powerful than the others, again don't have your eyes bigger than your stomach and make sure you stop in time.

How to earn divine triumphs?

Divine Triumphs are without a doubt the rarest and most useful resource in the game. Indeed, it is thanks to them that you will be able to unlock the most important improvements. powerful tablets of influence and reflection on the Beach, and thus become a much better Kratos as you play. However, it is much more difficult to earn than other resources.

The most classic way to earn divine triumphs is simply to go further and further in your runs. Indeed, by accomplishing the main objectives of the DLC, you'll earn a few divine triumphs to help you take your first big upgrades. After a while, you'll even end up unlocking an infinitely repeatable quest that will give you 1 to 2 divine triumphs depending on how far you go in your runs.

How to earn divine triumphs

By consulting the Tablet of Influence, you will also notice that it is possible to buy Divine Triumphs for Crests different kingdoms (Muspellheim, Niflheim and Helheim). You will gain this other resource by entering the doors marked with a question mark and opening the Chests of the Norns inside. You can also buy them for 200 fleeting echoes just before arriving in Greece. Note, however, that Crests are also useful for purchasing Resurrection Stones during the game, see for yourself which you prefer. Finally, note thatit is also possible to buy a Divine Triumph for 1000 fleeting echoes in Greece after a certain number of runs.

But if there is one very effective way to earn Divine Triumphs (besides following the main quest), it is tocomplete the challenges of mastery available in the codex. Indeed, as we advise you in our 7 tips for getting started with the DLC, completing the challenges is an excellent way to earn very big rewards . So don’t hesitate to vary your runs and play according to these challenges to become stronger and stronger between each game.