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GTA 3 mobile cheat code: the complete list and effects for the portable version

 Discover all the GTA 3 Mobile cheat codes to transform your gaming experience! We give you all the cheat codes and their effects.

GTA 3 mobile cheat code: the complete list and effects for the portable version

Grand Theft Auto 3, a mainstay of open-world gaming, continues to captivate gamers with its Definitive Edition, and this extends to mobile versions. These mobile versions have their own set of cheat codes, keeping the fun and transgressive spirit that made GTA famous.

Grand Theft Auto 3 for mobile offers a range of cheat codes to enrich the gaming experience. From obtaining weapons to changing the weather, these codes offer a new dimension of Entertainment. However, using these codes blocks access to certain trophies and achievements. This article provides a detailed guide on using cheat codes in GTA 3 for mobile, with a complete list of available codes.

All cheat codes in GTA 3 mobiles

Cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto 3 mobile offer a range of effects, from the most basic to the most eccentric. These codes can completely transform gameplay, introducing an extra touch of fantasy or challenge. They expand the boundaries of the game, allowing players to explore unusual scenarios or facilitate their progression.

Activation of Cheat Codes

*To activate a cheat code on GTA 3 for mobile, players must access the main menu, select Options, then Accessibility, and finally Enter Cheat Code. This quick and easy method opens an on-screen keyboard, where players can enter codes.

List of Cheat Codes and Their Effects

  • Receive all weapons: GUNSGUNSGUNS
  • Max health: GESUNDHEIT
  • Max armor: TORTOISE
  • Extra money: IFIWEREARICHMAN
  • Increase search level: MOREPOLICEPLEASE
  • Decrease search level: NOPOLICEPLEASE
  • Change outfit: ILIKEDRESSINGUP
  • Armed pedestrians: WEAPONSFORALL
  • Angry pedestrians: NOBODYLIKESM
  • Pedestrian rioters: ITSALLGOINGMAAAD
  • Speed ​​up time: MADWEATHER
  • Slower game: BOOOOORING
  • Improved handling: CORNERSLIKEMAD
  • Flying cars: CHITTYCHITTYBB
  • Destroy all cars: BANGBANGBANG
  • Assault tank: GIVEUSATANK
  • Good weather: SKINCANCERFORME
  • Cloudy weather: ILIKESCOTLAND
  • Foggy weather: PEASOUP

Using these codes may block access to certain achievements and trophies. It is therefore recommended to save your game before activating cheat codes. This allows you to revert to an unmodified version of the game if necessary.

GTA 3 mobile cheat codes offer a variety of rewarding and entertaining experiences. They allow players to personalize their gaming experience while retaining the possibility of returning to a standard version for achievements and trophies. With these codes, GTA 3 mobile continues to delight and amuse players, demonstrating the longevity and constant innovation of the series.