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GTA 6 Leonida: everything we know about the map and the fictional state of Florida

 Meet Leonida in GTA 6, a fictional state inspired by Florida, promising a rich and immersive adventure beyond Vice City.

GTA 6 Leonida: everything we know about the map and the fictional state of Florida

Grand Theft Auto 6, the next big chapter in the cult saga from Rockstar Games, has finally been announced with a superb trailer. Despite the leaks, the trailer is breaking viewing records and speculation is rife, particularly about Jason's actor. 

One piece of news that has caught fans' attention so far is the introduction of Leonida, a fictional state inspired by Florida, which significantly expands the playing field beyond the iconic streets of Vice City. We tell you everything we know about Leonida.


  • GTA 6 is set in the fictional state of Leonida, extending beyond Vice City.
  • Leonida is an homage to Florida, with swamps, tropical islands, and urban neighborhoods.
  • The game, planned for 2025, promises a diverse and immersive gaming experience.

GTA 6 reveals Leonida: a huge new play area

Although Vice City has been a focal point of rumors surrounding GTA 6, Rockstar Games has taken a bold direction by creating Leonida, a fictional state that encapsulates the essence of Florida. Leonida offers a diverse backdrop, from towering skyscrapers and palm-lined avenues to alligator-filled swamps and idyllic tropical islands.

More than a city, a state to explore

The introduction of Leonida in GTA 6 marks a significant development for the series. Players will no longer be limited to an urban environment but will be able to explore a range of landscapes, from dense urban areas to lush nature reserves. This geographic diversity promises adventures and challenges never before seen in GTA history.

With Leonida, GTA 6 embraces a successful formula introduced in GTA 5, combining urban and rural settings for a richer gameplay experience. This new playground promises not only to entertain but also to highlight varied aspects of modern life, including typical Florida misadventures.

Rockstar Games is known for its innovative approach and GTA 6 is no exception to this tradition. Leonida will serve as a backdrop for urban fun activities, including nightclubs and rooftop parties while offering adventures in the natural environment. The State of Leonida is designed to be the biggest and most immersive evolution of the GTA series to date, according to Rockstar.

With the release of GTA 6 scheduled for 2025, players' anticipation is at its peak. Leonida promises to be a vast and varied playground, where the familiar streets of Vice City are just one part of a much bigger and richer experience. Players can expect an unforgettable adventure in this fictional state, reflecting the diversity and richness of Florida, while bringing the unique touch of Rockstar Games.