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Guide to fighting Cloud in The Invincible


Guide to fighting Cloud in The Invincible

There is no combat as such in The Invincible - apart from one segment at the very end of the game. In this guide, you will learn how to deal with the Cloud.

The penultimate segment of the game ends with a direct confrontation and "boss battle" against Cloud. Having learned the fate of the crew members who tried to return to Condor, Jasnah will return to Rohitra and deliver the bad news. Their conversation is interrupted by Cloud, who is heading towards them at full speed. Rohitra will focus on maintaining the force field, while Jasnah will fight the swarm.

For this "boss battle", Jasnah is equipped with a unique tool - a laser pointer, which is used to target nearby turrets. The index is always available to you since here you will not have access to any other tools. The diodes on the indicator show whether the turrets are ready to fire - if at least one of them is green, the turret will fire. You can't use the hip pointer - you need to aim first.

In terms of gameplay, combat is very simple. Aim at the Cloud and shoot as soon as the diodes turn green. Sometimes microbots can form clusters - focus on them as soon as you notice them. The battle is divided into three phases, although they are not different from each other. After some time, Rohitra will disappear - and go to his car. Once you confirm his absence, continue fighting Cloud.

Eventually, the microbots will defeat you. After three waves of microbots, Rohitra activates the landing module and boards the ship. The heroes will be able to escape. The next stop is the Condor, an abandoned Alliance ship, where the game's ending will take place.