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How to Build a Farm in LEGO Fortnite: How to Plant Seeds and Tame Animals


How to Build a Farm in LEGO Fortnite: How to Plant Seeds and Tame Animals

In a settlement in LEGO Fortnite, you can build a garden with plants and a farm to gain new abilities. We tell you everything you need to know about how to plant seeds in the game.

There are many useful plants growing around your settlement, but you can also grow your own without leaving the village. It's helpful to have plants at your base because it's an easy way to stock up on food when you need it most.

Placing a chest near where plants grow provides a place to store food so all players can share it if they need it. It's better to store a lot of seeds in your garden plot because you can quickly collect them on the go and won't have to spend hours replacing seeds.

How to make a shovel

The first step is to make a shovel to dig up the soil. To build a workbench you only need three wood and five units of granite.

Next, you need a sawmill; its creation requires five units of wood and 15 units of granite. Now it's time to make a shovel. This requires three wooden sticks and one board.

How to dig soil

Take your shovel and find a spot on the ground to dig up the soil. This can be any type of soft surface. Luckily, the tiles you get the soil from don't get destroyed in the process. Press R2 (on a controller) using the shovel. In this case, the soil will be automatically added to your inventory.

Where to find fertilizers

Fertilizers are easy to find, just wander around any location where there are animals and you will find brown piles on the ground - these are fertilizers. They are quite small and usually well hidden among grass and bushes, so look carefully.

Of course, the ability to obtain fertilizer to some extent is not entirely up to you. One good way to get fertilizer early on is to feed your animals pumpkins, raspberries, or corn by simply throwing these items on the ground near them.

How to make a garden plot

Next, you will need a garden plot in which to grow the seeds. The Garden Plot recipe will be added when crafting the Shovel. To create one tile you need two soils and one fertilizer.

Where to find seeds

Seeds can be found in the wild as random drops from creatures, or in chests found in ruined houses or caves. Sometimes chests can be well hidden, so destroy the walls and look around well.

Once you discover and start crafting granite items and building a rock crusher, you will unlock the recipe for a grain mill that produces seeds when you put food in it.

What kind of seeds are there?

Below are all the seeds in LEGO Fortnite, where to find them, and what to do with the food they provide. There are other fruits and mushrooms in the game, but they cannot be grown like seeds, so they are not on this list.

  • A snowberry seed can be removed from a snowberry bush. They are used to prepare snowberry cocktails, which provide heat resistance. They can also be eaten raw;
  • Raspberry seeds can be found when exploring the world or after cutting down a raspberry bush. Raspberries are eaten to restore health and hunger;
  • Wheat grain can be found by exploring the world or harvesting wheat. Wheat can be ground into flour and used to make food to restore health and hunger;
  • Pumpkin seeds can be picked up by collecting wild pumpkins or exploring the world. Pumpkins can be eaten to restore health and hunger;
  • Hot pepper seeds are collected from plants or when exploring the world. Hot peppers replenish hunger and health but also provide a little cold resistance.

How to plant seeds

Find a good spot for your garden and place the tiles there. To plant seeds, click on a garden plot to open the inventory screen. From here, move any seed you have to the right side to place it in your garden plot inventory.

Now you just need to wait for the plant to grow. You'll know the process has started when you see a small sprout rising above the mound of soil.

The plant takes time to fully bloom and bear fruit. The game will show the stages of progress. At the end, go to the garden plot and collect your harvest.

Seeds grow automatically, meaning players don't have to worry about watering them. The more seeds a player places on a garden plot, the longer it will continue to produce crops. The plant will die when players collect it. The new one will begin to grow as long as there is at least one more seed left in the garden plot. Once all the seeds are used up, the plants will no longer grow, but players will still be able to use the garden plot to grow other seedlings.

How to make a farm with animals

The colorful world of LEGO Fortnite offers players the opportunity to collect resources, build shelters and cities, and even befriend some of the local wildlife. Interacting with and caring for the animals on the island can provide key resources for survival.

How to make friends with animals

All animals love to eat different treats. Chickens, cows, and sheep are often attracted to plants such as pumpkins, raspberries, and corn. Simply take one of these products from your inventory and throw it near the animal to attract its attention. They will rush to have a snack, and you can pet the creature and receive a small reward: eggs, milk, or wool. Animals can also be killed to obtain meat.

Remember that resources are not guaranteed to drop every time, so you will have to repeat several times to increase your chances of getting a reward.

How to build a paddock and farm

To create a sustainable farming system, you'll need to maintain and protect your new animal friends.

Build simple enclosures out of wooden half-walls, then lure the animals inside by throwing food right at the entrance. Fences are not suitable as they are easy to climb over. Not even a character can get over the half walls.

Once they get to the treat, quickly build up the passage by placing the last blocks of fencing. You now have your own livestock that you can look after and gather resources. The problem is that the animal, unfortunately, may disappear.

Tips for caring for animals

Do not carry weapons near shy creatures. Experiment with different foods to learn your pet's preferences. Pat several times to increase your chances of getting resources. Keep an eye out for prey such as eggs, milk, wool, and fertilizer. Maintain pens to keep animals safe.

Use the obtained materials to prepare nutritious meals, craft useful equipment, and grow crops. As your farming community prospers, the game's options will expand.