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How to find and buy modules in True Stalker: sights, silencers, grenade launchers and others


How to find and buy modules in True Stalker: sights, silencers, grenade launchers and others

In the True Stalker story modification for Call of Pripyat, players can subtly customize their weapons thanks to numerous mods. However, finding them at first will not be easy. In this guide we will tell you where to find and buy modules in the game.

How to install sights, silencers and other attachments on weapons

To install body kits, you must first upgrade the weapon. This is done by a technician in the village, but for deep modifications you will need to find tools: for rough work, fine work and calibration. We'll tell you more about where to find them in a separate guide.

If certain modifications are installed on the weapon, you can attach sights, silencers, grenade launchers and other modules to them. For example, when completing the story mission “Lair of Mutants” you will receive an AKS-74U with an already installed scope rail. All that remains is to find the sight itself.

How to find the first sight in True Stalker

To do this, players need to complete the simple quest “Best Offer” . You just need to go to the village, pay 1000 rubles for a can of gasoline and bring it to the stalker who is waiting at the crossing to the Landfill.

Where to buy sights, silencers and other modules

At first, you will have to go through the game with almost no modules, so complete all story quests before moving to the Landfill. As soon as you find yourself in this location, run to the Depot and go up to the second floor - a smuggler named Vitka Stepak will be waiting here.

However, right now its range will be small - cartridges and grenades. To expand the selection of goods, it is enough to place any one order for weapons or armor. After some time, return to the merchant and buy the modules you are interested in.


Surely there are other ways to get modules for guns in the game. We'll be sure to update the guide as soon as we find them.