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How to get the UEFA kit for free in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team


How to get the UEFA kit for free in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

You can now get a new kit (shirt, pants, and socks) for EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team completely free if you follow these steps.

These have been intense weeks in EA Sports FC 24, with so many promos, Ultimate Team campaigns, and of course free items for players. And today, the day on which the draw for the round of 16 of the Champions League was held, a new gift arrives.

All EA Sports FC 24 players can get a free item, which can be used in Ultimate Team matches.

The version or region does not matter, because the promo is available to all EA Sports FC 24 users.

We explain how to get the UEFA kit in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team, which is now available on both PlayStation and Xbox as on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Claim the UEFA kit for Ultimate Team for free

Are you already tired of the same jerseys for your team in EA Sports FC 24? You can always get new kits (t-shirt, pants, and socks), as is the case with this promo.

Electronic Arts and UEFA have teamed up with a new free event, which you can now take advantage of in all versions of EA Sports FC 24.

This is a new themed kit with UEFA colors, based on the highest club competition at the European level. And today the important draw for the Champions League round of 16 was held.

How do you get the new UEFA kit? It's very simple: all you have to do is enter this link, which takes you to the official UEFA Champions League page.

You must log in with your account (or create an account). You will then be asked which version of EA Sports FC 24 you are playing, as well as your region.

Finally, you will be shown a UEFA kit download code. Of course, you can only use it once, in the version, region, and account that you have designated.

Remember that the promo to get a UEFA EURO 2024 player completely free is still available, until next January 16, 2024. EA Sports FC 24 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.