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How to get your Aram 2023 recap on LoL? LoboBot

 A site offers you to summarize your year 2023 in Aram on League of Legends! We'll explain how to do it in this article.

Every year, music streaming services offer a retrospective of the songs that their users listened to the most. It's a golden opportunity to remember the highlights of the year and to share your musical tastes with your friends. Whether it's Spotify or YouTube, no one can escape it.

But this trend is gradually moving away from the world of music and extending to video games! Rewing on Fortnite was good, Rewind on League of Legends is even funnier! We'll explain how to get its 2023 Aram recap on LoL!

How to get your 2023 Aram recap on League of Legends using LoboBot?

LoboBot is a site created by Javier Bermúdez that allows you to have a recap of your year 2023 in Aram on League of Legends. To get your recap of the year, simply click on the link below and write your Riot ID and tag in the section provided for this purpose: 

Get your Aram 2023 LoL recap thanks to LoboBot

Be careful, the wait is very long, because the site is extremely busy. You can register on the site to make it go faster. Once the queue has reached its end, you will be greeted by an image like this:

How to get your Aram 2023 recap on LoL? LoboBot

The main reason for the queue is the absence of each part in the database, requiring retrieval from Riot's API. This process can take some time, hence queuing to process requests one by one, with each summary expected to be processed in less than a minute.

Making a donation of €5 or more will give priority to the summary. Donating can be made before or after submitting the summary, making sure to register on LoboBot before donating and using the same email address on Ko-fi.