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How to solve the Mega Piggy Bank rewards crash

 This Monday, December 18, seemed happy in Brawl Stars, because it meant opening the Mega Piggy Bank of December. A renewed one after the changes in the maps and modifiers, which have brought a lot of freshness to the 18 required games. However, everything has ended in a accidental multiple bug in the opening of said Mega Piggy Bank.

In the midst of debate to improve the club event in the future, and after one of the biggest updates in the game's recent history, This new bug has marred this Monday's experience. Especially because of the expectation that always comes with trying to get incredible rewards like some of the new Hypercharges.

The main problem has been when many users have had the game crashed when opening the Mega Piggy Bank. Which, of course, amounts to an unnecessary amount of worry about where the rewards have gone. A bug that the development team is already informed of and working to ensure that it does not happen again. And whose only solution is to restart, since there is no problem. Only we will receive rewards without knowing what they are.

Then there have been other bugs, such as not being able to open all the Starr Awards at once. Something convenient in case you don't mind skipping the animations and directly seeing all the rewards together. Although this may be the least of it compared to the fact that some of the rewards shown are false, secretly receiving very different ones.

For example, the suffering when it came to seeing that the 20 Starr Awards were special. Such bad luck being impossible. Receiving coins, credits and force points. When returning to the main screen, the brawler menu reveals a new gadget and a new Hypercharge that we didn't have. Therefore, two of those prizes, one was Epic and the other Legendary. Without showing said reward at any time. So it is possible that we have received better rewards than those shown without us knowing it. Unless we spend hours investigating until we discover that we have new emotes or more coins, credits, blines or strength points than what corresponded to us, a priori.

How to solve the Mega Piggy Bank rewards crash