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Iop Astramantis: how to unlock the new Iop weapon on Waven?

 More than four months after its Early Access release, Waven is releasing a new update that will see a new weapon for the Iop. How to unlock it?

Iop Astramantis: how to unlock the new Iop weapon on Waven?

Waven is a game from Ankama studio, already known for its major titles such asDofusandWakfuin particular, which is a deck building game where you can try out different races, classes and builds.

After more than four months after the release of Waven Early Access , the game returns to the forefront with an upcoming update which will bring its share of changes. Scheduled for Tuesday, December 19 , the update coincides with the end of Chapter 2  and opens the final chapter of Albuera . In this update, you will find many changes as well as some major additions to the gameplay of Waven . Also, you will be able to find a brand new Iop class weapon : Astramantis . What is this new class? When will it be available to Waven players? How to unlock it?

How to unlock Astramantis on Waven?

In the live presentation of the next Waven update which took place this Wednesday, December 6, 2023, Ankama unveiled a brand new weapon that will expand the Iop class: the Astramantis. This new weapon, which focuses mainly on mobility and placement in relation to its spear, will interest many players looking for something new.

The Astramantis will be available from the next update, available on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, for for players who have unlocked the Platinum pass. They will therefore be able to preview this weapon which will be available slightly later for the rest of the players. In any case, Astramantis will be available to everyone during the month of December, without there being an official date yet.