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Jokers Winter FC24: Many packs and player choices to obtain, and a bug allows you to do it even faster at the moment!

 At the moment, we can say that EA Games is showing generosity with the game with numerous packs offered or even a few credits in the store. On top of that, you currently have the opportunity to get your hands on player picks via the Weekly Winter Jokers Exchange and a bug allows you to do so very quickly!

Weekly Jokers Winter exchange, how does it work?

As we just told you, EA Games is currently being generous with EA Sports FC 24 and this is quickly seen when you take a look at this challenge. Indeed, you will not only have free player choices, a pack, but also bonuses to credit winnings partly by completing it. To be precise, here are the rewards you can obtain:

  • 1 pack 5 players 83+
  • 2 choices 75+
  • 1 choice 80+
  • 2 choices 83+
  • 2 winnings of 500 credits for 5 matches
  • 1 win of 1000 credits for 10 matches

In itself, this challenge is already rather generous, but on top of that, it is repeatable 4 times. This means you're going to have a ton of player choices and boosts to your credit earnings. To complete it, there is nothing very complicated, you will have to buy players and list them on the transfer market.

You won't need to sell them, simply listing them will be enough to complete the objective. When it comes to purchases, be careful because only immediate purchases are taken into account. This won't work with a classic auction!

Weekly Jokers Winter exchange, how does it work

How to achieve it easily?

The good news is that this challenge is not only simple but on top of that, you will even be able to earn a few credits in the process! The idea will be to buy 50 bronze players at the minimum price, that is to say, 200 credits, which represents an investment of 10,000 credits.

Once that's done, simply list these players at 200 credits with a buy now at 300. Since we're in the middle of the challenge, almost all of them will start at 300, which will earn you 15,000 credits. Minus the 5% tax from EA Games, we find a gain of 4,250 credits.

It's not huge, but it's still winning in addition to the rewards. Note that if you are having trouble finding 200 credit players on the market, there is a trick. Don't just look for players at that price, but specify a league.

Then scroll 10/15 pages and you will come to cards that expire in several minutes. You should then have much less difficulty collecting these cards than if you try to do so with cards that are about to expire and are likely to get purchased before you can.

A bug makes this Winter Jokers Weekly Exchange challenge even easier!

There you go, you know how to easily complete this challenge in a completely normal way, but know that for the moment it is completely bugged and that if EA Games risks solving this, this is currently not the case and you can easily win rewards.

For the first time, complete the challenge normally and then collect the rewards. Then go to the market and buy a bronze player for 200 credits. You should then see that all of the purchase challenges are completed at once, having purchased just one player instead of 50.

When you then put this player on the transfer list, again everything will be validated! Then repeat for the other 2 times you can complete the challenge. Be careful though, we are talking about a bug here, and be aware that EA Games could decide to punish those who used it. It's unlikely, but it could happen. So use it or not, but be warned of the potential risks.