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Karmine Corp Valorant 2024 Roster, who are the players in the VCT team?

 Karmine Corp plays in VCT EMEA, Valorant's European and North African league. The new roster for the next season will be announced on December 12, 2024.

The  Karmine Corp is back in 2024 on VALORANT with a brand new competitive team. The new, unpublished roster was revealed during a Kameto live on December 12, 2023, at 6 p.m. If you weren't able to follow it, here is the KC VALORANT roster!

Who are the players who make up the Karmin Corp roster in all positions and all roles for the first part of the 2024 season? Here is the information on their line-up.

The 2024 KC Roster on VALORANT



Martin " Magnum" Peňkov
22 years old
Czech Republic

Magnum is the experience asset in this roster. Former player of Fnatic, KOI then Apeks, he has experience which will be beneficial to the group. As a reminder, this player and his team lost the final of the Ascension EMEA in VCT against Gentlemates.



Tomàs “ tomaszy ” Machado
18 years old

Tomàszy is the youngest player on an already fairly young roster. This Portuguese player nevertheless showed good things, particularly with SAW this year in the Portuguese circuit as well as during the Ascension (defeat against Gentlemates ).


Marshall “ N4RRATE” Massey
21 years old
United States

N4RRATE is a young American player who we discovered under the colors of MAD Lions who unfortunately underperformed during the previous split of the American circuit. The American player will undoubtedly have a revenge to take and show what he is capable of doing.



Ryad “ Shin ” Ensaad
20 years

Shin is one of the young players who was recruited by  Karmine Corp during the second split of VRL FR  2022. He is also the only survivor of the 2023 roster and also the only Frenchman on this new Karmine Corp team.



Martin “ Marteen ” Pàtek
19 years old
Czech Republic

Marteen is a Czech game player who comes from the European team GMT Esports although he cut his teeth with Entropiq and eSuba . Originally a Fornite player, the player remains relatively little known and still a rookie.

As a reminder, here is last year's roster which unfortunately failed to prove itself:

  • Newzera
  • Shin
  • xms
  • Nivera
  • Scream

We sincerely hope that the Karmine Corp will succeed in having a good run this year with its VALORANT team both in Europe and internationally.