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LEC resumption date on League of Legends: when does the competition resume?

 That's it, it's official, we finally know the resumption date for the most hyped European competition in LoL: the LEC! We tell you everything.

LEC resumption date on League of Legends: when does the competition resume?

The competitive system of League of Legends is separated into several leagues depending on the region. In Europe, we have the LEC which represents the highest level of competition, and the ERLs, regional leagues like the LFL, which is the French league.

After an incredible year, the potential arrival of Gentle Mates in LFL, Kcorp in LEC, and the upcoming return of LFL, the year 2024 promises to be incredible! Find out the return date of the LEC.

LEC resumption date: when does the French league start again?

It's official from Riot Games, the LEC resumes at the start of the year, more precisely on January 13, 2024.

For the upcoming season in 2024, the LEC (League of Legends European Championship) is introducing several changes aimed at improving the competition based on feedback from fans, teams, and players. The big change is the merger of the group stage and the elimination stages into a single phase for each division, with the aim of simplifying the structure of the competition. Brackets will retain the same number of best-of-3 and best-of-5 series, with increased rematch protection in the Lower Bracket to prevent teams from meeting again.

There will also be extended breaks between the Winter and Spring Split, Spring Split, and MSI, and a reduced break between the Summer Split and the LEC Season Finals. The start time of each show day will be adjusted to 5:00 p.m. CET (Paris time). Championship Points (CP) are also undergoing changes to maximize their importance across all three divisions, with equal points for teams in fifth and sixth place, as well as seventh and eighth in each division.

The LEC places increased importance on Summer Split performance, with the Summer Champion automatically qualifying for Worlds as the lowest seed. The teams ranked 2nd and 3rd from the Summer Split will also qualify for the LEC Season Finals, regardless of their CP or past results. In the event of a tie, the team with a greater number of championship points earned in the summer will qualify. A pre-season Champion Queue will be introduced on a special tournament server to allow LEC and Premier Division ERL players to practice on the new patch before the start of the Winter Split.

Finally, the minimum age for LEC players is being raised from 17 to 18, with the aim of exploring additional revenue opportunities and ensuring sustainability of the teams and the league.