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LEGO Fortnite generation code: How to collect it and what are the best seeds?

 In Lego Fortnite, each world is created randomly, but is identified by what is called a generation code or a “seed”. In this article, we explain how to get the one from your world to share it, and how to set it up, but we also give you some advice with the best seeds!

How to recover/install a generation code on LEGO Fortnite?

Before we launch into a list of generation codes that we recommend for Lego Fortnite, let's see how to recover yours if you want to share it with friends. Well, it's very simple, just look at the bottom of your screen!

Indeed, there, you will have the seed which will be indicated. Once you've collected it to make it active, create a new Lego Fortnite world. Then go to the advanced options and you will have an option to enter the seed you want into play.

Then simply validate and you will be able to benefit from it. There are no limitations on the seeds you can enter. So, depending on what you expect from the game, we offer you below 5 generation codes that we find particularly useful.

How to recover/install a generation code on LEGO Fortnite

0942418202: The best Lego Fortnite seed to have resources

In Lego Fortnite, you will have to farm resources quite often and sometimes this will require you to do a lot of traveling. So, we are going to recommend this first seed which contains everything you need for the start and middle of the game.

Indeed, you will, for example, be able to come across a cave north of your spawn point and a little further away a house and a village which will allow you to get your hands on chests. Enough to be able to move forward for a few hours in complete peace of mind!

1264970744: A generation code with quick access to desert and snow biomes

If what bothers you about Lego Fortnite is not necessarily the start of the game, but rather going in search of desert and snow biomes which may be far away, this generation code is for you. Indeed, these two biomes are extremely close to your spawn point, and getting there will finally no longer be a chore that will take you long minutes to travel.

1262866002: A seed with beach and mountains

If you want to have a Lego Fortnite seed with a stunning landscape to build your village on, then here is our favorite. Indeed, you will spawn in a place with not only a magnificent beach nearby but also quite a few mountains. In addition to being aesthetic, this also allows you to have an interesting proximity to the snow biome!

287364728: A generation code to avoid starving

Are you afraid of running out of resources to feed yourself at the start of your Lego Fortnite adventure? Well, the good news is that there is a seed that will help you stop wondering. Indeed, with the latter, you will land directly in a cornfield where you will be able to stock up before embarking on the adventure.

14191128: A seed with everything you need to get started

Finally, if you want a generation code that is pleasant to get your Lego Fortnite adventure off to a good start, we recommend this one. It's nothing exceptional on paper, but it will have all the necessary resources at the start of the game within immediate reach. In addition, you will also have something to eat while waiting to start farming.