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LEGO Fortnite: How not to be cold?

 Do you want to take on the terrible snow biome in Lego Fortnite? You will then have to prepare to face the blizzard and you wonder how not to be cold in it. Well, good news, here we give you all the tips to stop shivering in the latter!

Two recipes to stop being cold on Lego Fortnite!

One of the quick and easy ways to combat the cold in Lego Fortnite is simply to eat spicy food! Indeed, in this way, you will gain resistance to the cold and as you can imagine, the basic food will therefore be chili pepper.

You will be able to eat these peppers as is and in addition to giving you 1.5 hearts and 3 satiety points, they will also allow you to resist the cold for 2 minutes. In the end, two minutes is quite short and if you want to extend that, you will have to use a recipe.

Two recipes to stop being cold on Lego Fortnite

This recipe is for the spicy burger which will ask you to mix 1 pepper, 1 meat, as well as a portion of flour. Please note, for this recipe to be accessible, you will first have to have made a grill. If you haven't done so, start there.

Where the spicy burger is really useful is that it will not only give you 4 hearts and 10 satiety points, or stats almost three times higher than the basic chili, but in addition, it will allow you to get cold resistance for 10 minutes!

Two recipes to stop being cold on Lego Fortnite

The long-term solution, the inner fire amulet!

The problem with these recipes is that although they are effective, you are going to have to eat quite often to be able to maintain your body temperature. So, if you're fed up and looking for a more permanent solution, turn to amulets.

Indeed, there is an inner fire amulet that allows you to warm up and therefore fight against the cold quite easily. To obtain the craft, you will at least need to have a rare quality workbench, blue in color. You will then see the craft appear.

The long-term solution, the inner fire amulet

For the latter, you will need 3 woolen fabrics, 5 cut rubies, 8 diaphanites, and 3 explosive cores. Once you have collected all this, craft the amulet and you will gain resistance to cold, but also hearts and shields.

Please note that this amulet also exists in a purple version and therefore requires an epic-quality workbench. If improving the latter does not increase cold resistance at all, on the other hand, you will have 1 more heart, as well as 7 shields.