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Lego Fortnite: How to get more HP and shield?

 Lego Fortnite is a game mode based on survival, which means that you will not only have to develop your village but also survive the many enemies in the game. So, to help you, we tell you how to gain life, as well as the shield!

Why increase your hearts and your shield?

The first time you arrive at Lego Fortnite, you will do so in the meadow biome, and the latter is relatively simple. In fact, you shouldn't have too much trouble defeating the majority of enemies present there.

Except if you want to push the adventure, you will quickly come across a bone. Indeed, first of all, you will realize that the night is a rather complicated time to spend with your more robust enemies, even if you have been taught a technique to get through it in a few seconds.

Why increase your hearts and your shield

But this is also the case for the desert and snow biomes which are really tricky, and if you are not well prepared, you risk dying quite often. One of the ways to survive is to increase your number of hearts and shield points.

You will also have to fight against the elements in these biomes. Between the cold of the snow biome and the heat of the lava caves of the desert biome, you risk losing HP quickly. Fortunately, there is one solution that solves both problems!

Amulets, the best way to get more life in Lego Fortnite!

Indeed, there is one element that you absolutely should not underestimate in Lego Fortnite, and that is the amulets! If you go to the equipment menu, you will see at the bottom right that it is possible to equip three of them on you simultaneously.

We advise you to keep one of the locations for the amulets which will help you tolerate the heat and the cold. We explained to you in previous articles how to craft this amulet of composure and inner fire, and we let you take a look to find out the crafts.

Amulets, the best way to get more life in Lego Fortnite

These amulets are quickly accessible and only require a workbench of atypical quality (green). Note that it is then possible to improve them, which does not increase cold resistance, but gives more PV and shield points.

In addition to this location, take advantage of the other two to use "basic" amulets that only give life and shield. These can be found in the section with the shield logo and can also be upgraded each time you take your workbench to the next level. So don't hesitate to redo your amulets each time you change rarity to have the maximum life and shield on Lego Fortnite.