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Lethal Company Planets: Which ones are the easiest and most profitable?

 In Lethal Company, you will have to visit planets to find objects that you will then have to resell. Except that not all planets are equal, and in this article, we invite you to take a tour of all of them currently available in the game!

Lethal Company's Easy Planets

Let's start by taking a tour together of the 3 easy planets that are available on Lethal Company. They clearly don't have the best loot, but they have two advantages. The first is that the wildlife is not too hostile and the second is that travel to them is free!


Experimentation is an arid planet that has a main entrance close to the emergency one, which will be useful in a very specific case, the one where you find an Apparatus. Indeed, in this case, the main door closes and you will have to go through the emergency exit.



Assurance is Experimentation's neighbor, and you should therefore expect a fairly similar climate and topology. Moreover, in terms of the bestiary, as on the first planet, you will have to watch out for Eyeless dogs and Earth Leviathan which represent a big threat, especially at the start of the game.



For Vow, the atmosphere changes, and this time you will be dealing with a rather forest planet with the potential presence of the Forest Keeper who can become very difficult to manage if you do not know how to do it. Also, pay attention to the metal bridge at the exit which is only capable of supporting one or two people at the same time. If there are more of you, it will collapse!


The Intermediate Planets of Lethal Company

Just like easy planets, intermediaries have the advantage of being free, which allows you to easily go to places where the loot will be of better quality. Be careful though because the enemies will also be more annoying.


In terms of typology, Offense will be closer to the two easy arid planets with therefore a fauna which will be similar and composed of Earth Leviathan and Eyeless dog. It should be noted that there is a small chance that the complex will sometimes be replaced by a mansion.



If Offense is an arid planet, March is a forest like Vow, even if it is quite sparse, which makes it easier to find your way once there. The problem is that less forest also means less blankets to protect you from the Forest Keeper!


The difficult planets of Lethal Company

Let's finally talk about the most difficult planets and therefore with the best loot from Lethal Company. Be careful though because to get there, you will have to spend a lot of credits! Count 550 credits for Rend, 600 for Dine, and 700 for Titan.


Arriving on Rend, we understand what a difficult planet means, it being frozen and constantly swept by a blizzard which will clearly impact visibility. Fortunately to find the entrance, a lamp path will guide you. The problem is that with the low visibility, it is very difficult to see the enemies when you move outside.



Dine is similar to Rend in how it works, with a blizzard preventing you from seeing well and a lamp path to guide you to the entrance. Moreover, note that if on Rend, it is often a manor but sometimes a complex, on Dine, it will always be a manor.



Titan is a frozen planet, but at least there's no blizzard! On the other hand, the complex is huge and mostly filled with monsters. It becomes particularly dangerous after 3 p.m. when the Eyeless dogs begin to invade the premises and in particular the stairs towards the exit.


71-Gordion, a planet apart!

Finally, among the planets, there remains one last one that we have not yet mentioned, and that is normal. Indeed, 71-Gordion is not a planet where you will be able to go in search of objects, but rather one where you will have to deposit yours to sell them.

On the latter, there is therefore no or almost no danger. Indeed, the main threat is the seller who will tend to get angry if you ring the doorbell too much and kill you. If it's fun at first, be careful because it will end up being expensive!