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Lethal Company Radiations: When do they happen and should you worry about them?

 Lethal Company is one of the unexpected successes of this end of year, but the game is so fun and addictive that it has managed to find a place in the hearts of players. Despite everything, certain mechanics can seem obscure, and this is for example the case of radiation which we will talk about in this article.

Apparatus is the cause of radiation in Lethal Company

A little catch-up session for those who don't know what Lethal Company is. It's a game in which you have to collect items to resell them in rather inhospitable places. As you can imagine, some of these objects will be more harmless than others.

If picking up a crate of empty bottles does not represent any danger, this is a little less true for the Apparatus. Indeed, although the latter may be expensive, it will still have some consequences on the rest of your exploration. The first is that he's going to turn off the lights.

Apparatus is the cause of radiation in Lethal Company

So, if you're at a point in the adventure where you've all invested in torches, this shouldn't pose too many problems for you. However, if this is not the case and you do not have any light sources, the situation is still a little more annoying.

Therefore, what we advise you to do is simply note the location where this Apparatus is located and come and pick it up at the end of your exploration so that you can continue to benefit from the lights. But what brought you here isn't necessarily the lights going out!

Apparatus is the cause of radiation in Lethal Company

What is the danger with radiation in Lethal Company?

Indeed, in addition to this rather annoying phenomenon, a rather worrying message will appear on your screen. The latter indicates that the radiation level is increasing. So, do we fear anything by taking this Apparatus?

Well, the good news is that at the moment, that’s not the case! Indeed, if the message appears, nothing will happen at all, even if you take a little time to bring the Apparatus back to your ship. But then, why the latter?

What is the danger with radiation in Lethal Company

Well probably because radiation damage has not yet been implemented in the game. As is often the case in this kind of story, the developers did not expect such success, and the game is in early access, all the content has not yet been implemented.

Therefore, if at the time we write these lines, you can take the Apparatus without any problem and especially without any particular precautions, still be careful to look closely at the patches for future updates, because this will inevitably change!