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Level up quickly in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora - This is how you increase your combat power

 In Avatar you have to always keep your equipment and skills up to date, otherwise the missions quickly become too difficult.

Level up quickly in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora - This is how you increase your combat power

In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora you don't collect experience points by simply fighting and so you level up, the so-called 'combat power'. Instead, it is determined by your current equipment and abilities. Therefore, improving your weapons and armor is essential, especially because the level of your opponents increases very quickly.

What does combat power actually mean?

Your combat power determines your strength compared to the enemies and animals in the world of Avatar. You can find it in the character menu in the top right corner.

If enemies have a higher level than you, they will cause increased damage against you, suffer less themselves, and even become immune if the difference is too large.

In return, you can kill lower-level enemies almost with one shot and their attacks will bounce off you without any effect.

Increase combat power by equipping weapons

Your combat power benefits most from additional weapons. Initially, you only have one hunting bow and you will receive additional bows, spears, or machine guns as the story progresses. Your combat power increases dramatically every time you use an additional weapon slot.

For this reason, you should learn the 'Well Prepared' skill as early as possible in the Warrior talent tree. This gives you a fourth weapon slot, in which, for example, a brand new shotgun gave us two levels of additional combat power. It can sometimes be worth equipping a weapon just for the extra power, even though you don't want to use it at all.

Increase cramp strength by spending skill points

Otherwise, you should always spend your skill points as quickly as possible anyway. Because every point gives you something to add to your fighting power, but only if you invest it. Skill points that you save do not benefit you. 

But no fear. If you invest in more expensive skills, you will get more combat power than if you chose several cheap skills.

Increase combat power by improving equipment

In the end, you still have the option of leveling up your combat power through better equipment. You get these either through side quests, looting camps, crafting or trading.

You use crafting to create Na'vi equipment from found materials, while you can often find human weapons such as assault rifles or shotguns in enemy camps. 

Do-it-yourself arsenal: Crafting in particular can greatly increase your combat power if you find high-quality ingredients. You often don't even have to go hunting, as there are often materials lying around in the numerous baskets around the world or you can buy them directly from the Na'vi tribes. You can often get the right construction plans there.

Other dealers also offer you good ready-made equipment. With humans, you have to spend spare parts as currency, which can be found in warehouses and crates. With the Na'vi you pay with your good clan reputation, which you can accumulate through all sorts of tasks.

Don't forget your mods!

You can also add additional mods to your equipment. You can find them everywhere and upgrade your weapons and armor even further. They are quite cheap from vendors and can be made from a few materials, but sometimes increase your combat power more than a new piece of equipment.