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Lies of P | Answers to Riddles [Where to find the 5 Keys of the Trinity]

 In Lies of P there are many famous puppets including Harlequin who will challenge you to solve 5 puzzles from some ringing phones. For each puzzle solved you will obtain a Trinity Key which is used to open one of the game's Sanctuaries. In this guide, we will see what the correct answers are to all the riddles to obtain the Keys of the Trinity, where to find the Sanctuaries, what they contain, and how to unlock the End of the Riddles objective trophy.

NOTE: some keys can be obtained even by not answering the riddle asked exactly, but then to obtain them you will need extra objects or you will have to suffer temporary damage. It is therefore better to give the correct answer and pocket the key without problems.

One of the phones to find
One of the phones to find


WHERE: Chapter II, Stargazer in the Krat Town Hall courtyard

WHAT TO DO: The phone in the first riddle is found in Region III, immediately after defeating the Scrapped Sentinel at Krat Town Hall and taking the key from Geppetto to the Venigni Workshops. You will find the telephone on the right, after the arch, just before the bridge with the sign hanging above that leads to the Officine.


In the morning he walks on four feet.

At midday only out of two, no less, no more.

He walks on three feet when evening comes.

If you solve this riddle, I will know that you are alive!



WHERE: Chapter V, Stargazer of the Malum District

WHAT TO DO: The second riddle is available on the same phone as the first, but a little later in the game. In fact, you will have to return there in Chapter V after defeating Archbishop Andreus in the Cathedral of San Frangelico.


I stand tall and proud when I'm young and bold.

But when I get older I will be short and humble.

What are?



WHERE: Chapter VII, Stargazer of the Grand Exhibition Gallery

WHAT TO DO PART 1: The third riddle is on a different phone this time, but it won't ring until you defeat the “Puppet King” boss in the Estella Opera House. After doing so and reaching Chapter VII, return to the Stargazer in the Malum District Town Hall where you fought the Brotherhood of Black Rabbits.

From here, head back through the district, heading left through the Red Lobster Inn. Before you go through the gate into the large square with the burning symbol of the Brotherhood, there is a staircase on the right that you can climb up. Head left up to find a small room with a ringing telephone inside.


Think about it, whatever it takes:

what can't be used before it breaks?


WHAT TO DO PART 2 : This time Harlequin will not give you the key directly but will tell you to examine "the fingertips of the cold woman". Then go to the Great Exhibition and, once you arrive in the second area of ​​the exhibition, the one with the enemies with glasses, reach the upper room with the tram in the center. From this area, then go down the stairs to the lower level to find a room containing two statues with outstretched arms. Interact with both to turn them so that their arms are pointed inwards, or towards the Great Exhibition sign.

This will open a secret door right under the sign, allowing you to take the third key.


WHERE: Chapter IX, Krat Central Station Stargazer

WHAT TO DO: upstairs above the tram mentioned in the previous riddle, it's very easy to find.



WHERE: Chapter X, Stargazer at the entrance to the Trismegistus Ruins

WHAT TO DO: The fifth phone is also very easy to find and is located at the entrance to this boss area, right above the cliff entrance. This time you will receive a very particular key, the "Key of the Trinity of the Chosen One".



The door of the Sanctuaries in the Cathedral of San Frangelico
The door of the Sanctuaries in the Cathedral of San Frangelico

Once you have obtained all the keys you will have to find the 5 Sanctuaries hidden in the game. Below is the position of each of them. Remember that you don't need to wait until you have all the keys to open them.


It is found in Officine Venigni. After unlocking the shortcut by lowering the large pipe. You will find the Red Fox and the Black Cat right in that area. Go through the tunnel near them, turn right to fight the three puppets, and continue following that passage to find the door.

CONTENTS: Quartz and the Blue Blood Tailcoat costume.


It is located in the Cathedral of San Frangelico. Make your way into the cathedral, climbing stairs and beams until you reach a point where large boulders roll down a slope. Next to where the boulders drop down is a ladder. Climb up and run along the second boulder tunnel above to find the door on the left.

CONTENTS: The Black Cat Amulet which reduces fall damage and the Monster Hunter costume.


It is located in the Estella Opera House and is easy to find once you unlock the shortcut to the Puppet King boss. Simply drop from the beam next to the burning swinging chandelier to find the door in the space below.

CONTENTS: Contains a defense tool with high damage reduction.


From the Stargazer in the Kart Central Station concourse, go down the stairs on your left to find the door.

CONTENTS: Workshop Master costume.


When you reach the room with beams in the center of Arche's Outer Wall Abbey, continue down to the lower level to find the final door. In dialogue, the answer you give is not important.

CONTENTS: Alchemist's Cloak costume and the Riddle King's Surprise Box.