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List of vehicles in GTA 6

 Discover iconic GTA 6 vehicles returning from previous games, combining classics and new features for a unique Vice City experience.

List of vehicles in GTA 6

The GTA 6 trailer, released earlier than expected following an online leak, has captivated the attention of players. This trailer, the longest ever made by Rockstar Games, offers a captivating overview of Vice City, its surroundings, new protagonists: Lucia and Jason, and surprisingly, a wide range of vehicles.

The trailer reveals an impressive selection of vehicles, mixing classics from the GTA HD universe and new ones. This diversity promises a gaming experience rich in transport and action possibilities.

Discover the vehicles of GTA 6: The complete list of cars revealed

In GTA 6, players will find a variety of vehicles, including:

  • Albany Buccaneer
  • Albany Primo
  • Annis Hellion
  • Benefactor Dubsta
  • Bravado Banshee
  • Bravado Buffalo STX
  • Bravado Gauntlet Classic
  • Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire
  • Brute Bus
  • Canis Bodhi
  • Fugitive Horse
  • Declassified Granger 3600LX
  • Declasse Tornado
  • Declasse Tulip
  • Declasse Vamos
  • Dinka Blista
  • Dinka Jester
  • Dundreary Landstalker
  • Enus Jubilee
  • Faction Custom Donk
  • Grotti Carbonizzare
  • Grotti Cheetah Classic
  • Grotti Furia
  • Imponte Ruiner
  • Invetero Coquette D10
  • Karin Futo
  • Karin Intruder
  • Maibatsu Sanchez
  • Nagasaki Outlaw
  • Nagasaki Street Blazer
  • Pegassi Bati 801
  • Pegassi Zorrusso
  • Pfister Comet Retro
  • Pfister Comet S2
  • Seminole Frontier
  • Vapid Caracara
  • Vapid Chino
  • Vapid Liberator
  • Vapid Saddler
  • Vapid Sandking XL
  • Vapid Speedo
  • Vapid Stainer
  • Vapid Youga

In addition to cars and motorcycles, the trailer also revealed aircraft and marine vehicles such as the Buckingham SuperVolito and the Sea Sparrow, as well as luxurious yachts and even a hydrofoil for swampy areas.

  • Buckingham SuperVolito
  • Dinka Verus
  • Maibatsu Frogger
  • Pegassi Speeder
  • Sea Sparrow
  • Shitzu Tropic
  • Speedophile Seashark
  • Western Company Maverick
  • Mammoth Dodo

Some unique vehicles have also been spotted, such as a new type of truck and a working freighter, a first in a GTA game. These discoveries demonstrate Rockstar Games' ambition to push the limits of the franchise.

The diversity of vehicles in GTA 6 isn't just an aesthetic addition; it enriches the gaming experience by providing more options for exploring, completing missions, and interacting with the game environment. This is a testament to Rockstar Games' meticulous attention to detail and immersion in the world of GTA.

In summary, GTA 6 promises a rich and varied gaming experience thanks to its wide range of vehicles. From classics to new ones, each vehicle will add a unique dimension to the Vice City adventure. Fans are eagerly waiting to discover other vehicles that Rockstar Games could reveal in the coming months, thus reinforcing the hype around this highly anticipated title.