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Map XP Fortnite chapter 5 season 1, what codes to quickly complete your battle pass?

 Find out how to quickly earn XP in Fortnite Chapter 5 with the best map codes and effective XP farming tips.

For players of Fortnite Chapter 5 Looking for a quick and efficient method to accumulate XP, some maps offer unique opportunities. These maps, accessible via specific codes, not only allow you to improve in the game but also to quickly collect XP.

This article presents the best map codes for XP farming in Fortnite Chapter 5. We show you how to access these maps and offer a selection of playing fields optimized for improving skills and quickly accumulating 'XP. The process of earning maximum XP in a short time is also explained in detail.

Map Codes for XP Farming in Fortnite Chapter 5

To quickly upgrade your battle pass by earning a maximum of XP in Fortnite, enter the code of the desired map in the game search box. Once on the map, you can choose between private or public mode before launching the part.

Here are the codes of the most effective maps for XP farming:


This map is ideal for one-on-one construction battles. It allows you to train while accumulating XP, with the possibility of facing up to 16 players in a single game.


In this "Red vs. Blue" map, you'll be immersed in large-scale team battles, perfect for improving various aspects of your Fortnite game.


“The Pit” gives you the opportunity to perfect your aim and land as many headshots as possible, while earning XP. You can choose between a version without construction and another incorporating this dimension for a complete workout.

Map Codes for XP Farming in Fortnite Chapter 5

The best map

For those who want to maximize their XP gain in a single session, follow these steps on map 2264-7801-0437, discovered by YouTuber ShuffleGamer. The process takes approximately 20 minutes and can be repeated daily for rapid progress. 

  • Enter 2264-7801-0437 in the code search field
  • Load the map into a private match
  • Once the game starts, head to the central elevator and fly towards the middle of the map.
  • Head to the right side and sit under the ramp next to the blue timer.
  • Use any emote and press the square button that appears after the emote.
  • Wait for the timer to reset, then type 5-9-2.
  • Tap the square button that appears on the right. 
  • Grab the jetpack that was in front of you when you were teleported.
  • Go to the first large pillar of the bridge and press the square button at the bottom.
  • You will then be returned to the starting point. Once you respawn, head to the large statue to the left of the bridge, near the front door.
  • Tap the square at the bottom
  • Use your jetpack to go up to the first level of the castle on the right.
  • Head to the corner where the two barrels are and press the square. 
  • Return to the castle once you respawn and use your jetpack to fly to the second level of the balcony.
  • Go to the fire pit on the left side and press the square below it.
  • After respawning, enter the castle and find the throne room.
  • Tap the square at the bottom of the throne.
  • The penultimate step is to go to the top of the castle to find the barrels with the swords and press the square button.
  • Finally, go to the back of the castle by flying over it and locate the barrels at the back, but on the second balcony.
  • Press the square button and kill all animals to get extra XP.

By using these map codes in Fortnite Chapter 5, you can optimize your playing time for quick and efficient XP gain. Whether you're looking to improve your combat, building, or aiming skills, these maps provide a rewarding gaming experience while allowing you to progress quickly through the battle pass. Follow the detailed steps to maximize your XP gain and fully enjoy your adventure in Fortnite Chapter 5.