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Marvel Snap's Riskiest Cards


Marvel Snap's Riskiest Cards

We review some of the riskiest cards in Marvel Snap: how to prepare to play with Destroyer, Magneto, or The Infinaut and not die trying.

Marvel Snap has been with us for over a year now, and the card collection is constantly growing. With new cards added every week, SecondDinner has to use its imagination to create interesting new cards that motivate players to spend their collector tokens.

We're seeing more and more risky Marvel Snap cards. Cards for experts only: if you play them without having a planned strategy, they will get out of hand very quickly.

The release of Martyr in the last week of November is the last straw: it is a card that offers 4 power for only 1 cost, in exchange for the fact that at the end of the game, it moves to a location that makes you lose the game. I betrayed you.

That has encouraged us to analyze which are the riskiest cards in Marvel Snap, and what decks to make to counteract their negative effects and deploy their potential.

The riskiest cards in Marvel Snap

Brute force

  • Doctor Octopus (5/10): Upon Reveal: Place four random cards from your opponent's hand on that side of the location
  • Living Court (6/9): Divide total power between all locations
  • Magneto (6/12): Upon Reveal: Move all of the opponent's 3 and 4 cost cards to that location
  • The Infinaut (6/20): If you played a card last turn, you cannot play it
The rule is clear: the more power a card has, the riskier its effect will be. The cards with the most brutal powers, cost 5 or 6, are usually "finishers", but you need to have a deck prepared to counter their effect.

One of the most used resources is usually Magik (3-2), which replaces the location with Limbo adding a turn 7. 

This allows for more maneuver to delay playing those cards as long as possible and is essential in the case of The Infinaut, which requires you not to play a turn, but also Doctor Octopus, giving the opponent more time to fill their location so that you can play Doc Ock be safe, 14 "clean" power points.

Magneto works similar to Octopus. It will attract 3 and 4 cards to that location, so it is best to use it when the location is already full.

Recently introduced, Living Tribunal is a card that will divide your power equally across all three locations, which has the downside that your locations can lose a lot of power. Therefore, it is better to play it having intentionally ignored a location, focusing on offering as much power as possible in two locations to distract the opponent, and on the last turn surprise them by giving "free" power to an empty location.

Destroyer the destroyer

  • Killmonger (3/3): Upon Reveal: Destroy all 1-cost cards
  • Destroyer (6/15): Upon Reveal: Destroy your other cards
  • Death (8/12): Costs 1 less for each card destroyed in this game
  • Kull (6/0): Continuous: Has the combined power of all the cards destroyed in this game
Destroy decks are some of the most popular because of the synergies you get by destroying cards. Some regenerate, like Wolverine,

But there is one that is particularly powerful and dangerous: Destroyer, which will offer you 15 power in a single hit... in exchange for destroying all your other cards.

Playing Destroyer means planning your deck very well, with cards of the destroy archetype that you don't mind being destroyed, like the ones mentioned above or Bucky Barnes (2-1), which when destroyed transforms into the Winter Soldier, with 6 power.

However, many of the best cards of this type, such as Venom or Carnage, only destroy themselves, so you can either use Armor or Professor Reveal effects like Destroyer don't occur (but that would negate other beneficial effects of cards being destroyed, of course).

In these cases, our preferred option is once again to use Magik to give us an extra turn, use Destroy on turn 6, and finish off on turn 7 with Death or Knull, depending on how the accounts turn out with the latter.