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Mcdo Pokémon cards: dates and complete list of the Happy Meal!

 McDonald's and Pokémon join forces again! From December 6, discover exclusive Pokémon cards with each Happy Meal.

Dear Pokémon enthusiasts and casual foodies, get ready for a unique adventure at McDonald's! From December 6, 2023, a unique experience awaits you. McDonald's, in partnership with The Pokémon Company, is reviving the craze with a special offer on Happy Meal menus. In the meantime, find information on the next Pokémon TCG expansion.

McDonald's and The Pokémon Company are renewing their collaboration with the distribution of Pokémon boosters in Happy Meals from December 6, 2023. Collectors will be able to discover a selection of 15 cards mainly from the 9th generation. This operation, limited in time, promises to delight young and old Pokémon fans.

Pokémon Cards at McDonald’s: An event not to be missed!

It's official: McDonald's and The Pokémon Company are back at it again to the delight of fans! Starting December 6, each Happy Meal menu ordered will come with a booster pack of four Pokémon playing cards. This offer, limited in time, embodies the perfect fusion between taste pleasure and passion for the famous creatures.

In total, 15 different cards, illustrating Pokémon from the 9th generation, are to be collected. Among them, familiar names like Pikachu and others less known, like Poussacha or Chochodile, await collectors. Each card, one of a kind, adds a touch of mystery and excitement to each booster opening.

The card distribution event at McDonald's is reminiscent of previous collaborations, which were very successful. However, it is legitimate to wonder whether McDonald's will impose restrictions to prevent abuse and ensure fair distribution. Collectors and fans will therefore have to be on the lookout so as not to miss this unique opportunity.

Here is the complete list of collectible cards at McDonald's:

  • Poussacha
  • Chochodile
  • Coiffeton
  • Pietaceous
  • Balbalèze
  • Pikachu
  • Pohm
  • Fulgulairo
  • Flotillon
  • Dunaconda
  • Craparoi
  • Euphoria
  • Companion
  • Motorizard
  • Kirlia
Mcdo Pokémon cards: dates and complete list of the Happy Meal!

December 6, 2023 marks the start of a new adventure for Pokémon fans and McDonald's customers. With a series of 15 collectible cards, the event promises to be memorable. Get ready to enrich your collection and enjoy your Happy Meal in a whole new way!