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Modern Warfare 3: How to deploy to Doctor Jansen's coordinates?

 This year, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3's zombie mode has undergone quite a few changes and that's good because it's the latter that will interest us. Particularly the last mission, which asks us to deploy to the coordinates of Doctor Jansen for his extraction in order to question him.

How to deploy to the coordinates of Doctor Jansen?

To get this mission, you will already have to progress in Act 1 of the zombie mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Once it's done, go into the game and wait a few dozen seconds. You should then see an exfiltration logo appear on the map.

Go there, but prepare beforehand. Indeed, know that at the extraction point, a helicopter awaits you which will take you to a completely new map. So be careful to equip yourself beforehand to face its dangers.

How to deploy to the coordinates of Doctor Jansen

Likewise, we advise you to be in a group to make your life easier, but for this to work, each member of the group will have to reach the extraction point. When the first one arrives, a countdown will start before takeoff.

If not everyone is on board at that time, the helicopter will still take off! So be careful to coordinate to avoid problems. Once that's done, you'll be transported to a new area with the mission of finding Doctor Jansen.

How to deploy to the coordinates of Doctor Jansen

Where to find Doctor Jansen?

Now that you are on the new map, you will have to go looking for the doctor. To do this, you will have to go to the communication tower indicated to you. At the top there is an antenna to activate, do it.

Once it's done, a yellow zone will appear on your map. This is the location of Doctor Jansen, go there. When you arrive in the room, you will see it behind a glass. At that point, waves of zombies will launch.

Where to find Doctor Jansen

You will see on the left of your screen the progress of the file deletion and as you can imagine, you will have to wait for it to reach 100%. Once it's good, the doctor comes out and you will have to accompany him to the roof for an exfiltration.

As you can imagine, the zombies are not going to let you go like that and while waiting for the helicopter to land, we advise you to activate the turret nearby to make your life easier. Once the helicopter is activated, climb in and a cutscene will begin, validating the mission.