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My Hero Academia gives Bakugo his best moment yet


My Hero Academia gives Bakugo his best moment yet

Katsuki Bakugo is one of the most important characters in My Hero Academia, who has had exceptional development alongside Deku as both have exponentially increased their abilities, becoming great heroes and reinforcing their controversial friendship, since Kacchan has experienced several changes in the different seasons of the series that have made him mature.

Likewise, during the development of the plot, Bakugo has little by little been gathering the necessary qualities to become the best professional hero of his generation, and this is evidenced during the final arc in which he fought great confrontations that demonstrated his great worth. and enormous power.

However, the most recent chapter of the My Hero Academia manga has taken things to another level, as it has given Bakugo his best moment to date, making him shine in style and confirming that this is among the best. heroes of their generation.

This post contains Spoilers for chapter #409 of the My Hero Academia manga.

Bakugo has had his best moment by defeating All For One in the final battle

As we have mentioned, little by little, Bakugo has become one of the most powerful characters in My Hero Academia, since his surprising skills and great ingenuity when fighting have made him a difficult rival to beat.

In fact, Bakugo, after his confrontation against Tomura Shigaraki, in which he died from his injuries, gave a demonstration of his immeasurable power and the great scope of his quirk, making clear his worth and unwavering determination when it came to protecting others. his allies, details that confirmed the incredible growth that the explosive hero had, this being one of his greatest moments in the series.

However, Bakugo after his return has been fighting against All For One, awakening interest in this villain who has been very impressed by the skill and abilities of the explosive hero who has managed to corner the Demon King to the point of forcing him to use everything your power to get out of this situation.

Bakugo used his great ingenuity to defeat All For One, since making sublime use of his quirk he managed to surprise this villain, causing him enormous damage with various explosions, which were accompanied by the powerful definitive move of the explosive hero called “ Howitzer Impact ” with which he ended up frustrating the plans of this antagonist, ending him in a very humiliating way.

This has been Katsuki Bakugo's best moment to date, since the explosive hero cornered the villain and humiliated him to the point of letting him know that with just a gift he was capable of defeating him, fulfilling his words to the letter. , because he defeated him by making good use of his quirk, ending the reign of terror that the Demon King unleashed.

It should be noted that this amazing feat makes Bakugo the strongest hero of all since his unwavering determination added to his great ingenuity has given him victory against All For One, demonstrating once and for all the enormous growth he had arc after arc, which has closed with a flourish.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best moments of Bakugo, who returned from the dead to humiliate and defeat the fearsome All For One, causing him great frustration before finishing him with a lethal and explosive attack, reducing him to a weak and childish state that It leaves this controversial villain who caused so much damage without options.