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New difficulty modes in Baldur's Gate 3: boss battles, death, rewards for completing


New difficulty modes in Baldur's Gate 3: boss battles, death, rewards for completing

At release, Baldur's Gate 3 only had three difficulty modes available. They differed not only in the complexity of the battles, but also in how many supplies you would need for a long rest in the camp, possible surprises from opponents and other features. After the fifth patch, two more modes appeared in the game: super difficult and for those who like to set the rules themselves.

Features of the Valor mode

If commander Zhalk at the beginning of the game even on “‎Tactics” made you cry and feel uncomfortable, then on “Valor” you can forget about defeating him before escaping the nautiloid. The mode adds a system of legendary actions and more than 30 new features for bosses that will certainly make you at least very tense.

Add to all this a complicated economy that includes an additional and very brutal modifier for both merchant prices and recreational supplies. And don’t forget about just one save file, which is automatically overwritten and deleted if your squad is defeated.

But if you heroically endure everything and beat the game with “Valor”, then the developers will reward you the legendary golden cubeand, of course, a unique achievement.

Features of the “By choice” mode

Everything here is much simpler: you yourself are free to make the game ideal for yourself. Let's assume that “‎Tactics” is too difficult for you due to the fact that there are constantly not enough supplies, but battles in “‎Balance”, on the contrary, are too easy for you. Mode“By choice” is able to solve all these problems thanks to its flexible settings. However, there are no rewards for completing such a game.