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One Piece 1102 Spoiler: What to expect from the chapter?

 We learn more about Bonney and Kuma in these last chapters, where is Oda going? Check out the incredible One Piece scan 1102 spoiler.

For many years, pirates from all over the world have been engaged in a fierce battle to get their hands on One Piece, a legendary treasure hidden by the late Gold Roger, the king of pirates. At the same time, a young man named Luffy decides to embark on an adventure at sea with the aim of becoming the ruler of the pirates!

Luffy and his crew are in Egghead and were able to discover the iconic Vegapunk character. This is also the first time that we see a member of the five elders, of the world government, fighting! Find out One Piece Chapter 1102 spoilers, release date, and a platform to read it for free and legally.

Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1102: What does this new chapter reveal to us?  

Here are One Piece chapter 1102 spoilers provided by @pewpiece on X, formerly Twitter: 

The chapter begins with Bonney's journey. The Bonney Pirates were heading to an island in search of Kuma. When they arrived, Kuma had already disappeared.

The Bonney Pirates always left behind many injured children and elderly people after their attacks ( who were actually Marines transformed by Bonney's powers ), leading the Marines to believe that they were truly evil pirates.

Kuma was aware that Bonney was looking for him, but he decided not to meet her. We then witness the scene where Luffy obtains his first bonus. We see Luffy's reaction, as well as the reaction page presented at Jump Festa 2024 (with Ace, Jinbe, Sabo...).

Raw and spoilers for One Piece chapter 1102: Kuma loses his emotions and memories! Saturn and his plans

Shortly after this (during the incident at Enies Lobby), Kuma visits Vegapunk on Egghead Island. Vegapunk shows him an army of Pacifistas in production, and they discuss the incident at Enies Lobby.

Kuma reveals to Vegapunk that Luffy is Dragon's son. Kuma knows there is no point in hiding this information from Vegapunk, as he has already promised to give him all of his memories. Vegapunk finds it hard to believe that Luffy is Dragon's son.

Kuma: " It's curious to see a boy with elastic powers opposing the World Government... Just like the legendary "Nika !" Vegapunk: "It's true, pe pe pe!"

Raw and spoilers for One Piece chapter 1102: Kuma loses his emotions and memories! Saturn and his plans

Next, we move on to the incident at Thriller Bark, which we see from Kuma's point of view (who is watching the Straw Hat crew fight Moria). After the incident, Kuma receives a call from Den Den Mushi with orders to prepare for war against Whitebeard.

See you in Sabaody. We see Bonney's introduction scene, but now we discover that Kuma was hiding outside the restaurant, observing Bonney through a window. Kuma smiled when he saw her.

Kuma: “She has become a strong pirate!”

Kuma learns of the "Tenryuubito Incident" and immediately teleports to the roof of the Human Auction to observe. He is shocked to discover that Luffy hit a Tenryuubito to protect a Gyojin.

Kuma: “This is an act of rebellion that no one has been able to accomplish in centuries!”

Next, we witness the incident in Sabaody (Kizaru/Sentoumaru/Pacifistas against the Straw Hat crew) from Kuma's point of view.

Raw and spoilers for One Piece chapter 1102: Kuma loses his emotions and memories! Saturn and his plans

Luffy: "I couldn't save them...! None of my nakamas...!" Kuma (thinking to himself): "That's not true at all. You're simply not ready for the New World. Don't come back until you're ready, because you are a man who might one day save the world !!"

On Egghead Island, Saturn orders Vegapunk to add an extra self-destruct switch on Kuma just in case. Vegapunk attempts to negotiate other methods for Kuma to retain his consciousness, but Saturn insists that Kuma's mind be erased.

Saturn: "I'm also a scientist. There's no point in you trying to lie to me, Vegapunk!"

On the last day of his "normal life" (just before the "Summit War" in Marineford), Kuma and Vegapunk say goodbye. Vegapunk programs Kuma to go fight the Whitebeard Pirates in the war, but Kuma asks Vegapunk to also program him to protect the Thousand Sunny.

Raw and spoilers for One Piece chapter 1102: Kuma loses his emotions and memories! Saturn and his plans

Kuma: "I would like to see the Straw Hats grow... But since I can't do that, I want to at least protect their home!!" Vegapunk: "Kuma, why do you trust Luffy so much?" Kuma: "I know "Nika" is just a legend. But I promised Bonney that one day a "liberation warrior" would come and free her. Luffy's actions touched me! I think that this is a man who could change the seas one day!”

Kuma gives his memories to Vegapunk as promised. Kuma's memory is like a copy of the original, so Kuma doesn't forget anything when removing it with his powers. Additionally, the memory will disappear if anyone touches it, so Vegapunk has developed a system to observe and study it without touching the memory sphere itself.

Raw and spoilers for One Piece chapter 1102: Kuma loses his emotions and memories! Saturn and his plans

As Kuma withdraws his memories, we see Kuma's entire life flash before him, with the faces of all the people he loves: his father, his mother, Ivankov, Ginny, Bonney...

Then, in a very emotional scene, we see Vegapunk pull a machine lever in tears. The machine begins to erase Kuma's consciousness, and rays of light illuminate Egghead Island (like in Kuma's church when he was taking damage from people). All the scientists and Sentoumaru pray/greet together.

On the last page of the chapter, the flashback ends and we cut to the "Nikyu Room" on Egghead Island. The sphere with Kuma's memory has disappeared and Bonney is crying on the ground.

The chapter ends with Kuma's last words which he asked Vegapunk to convey to Bonney. Kuma: “Happy 10th birthday, Bonney!” 

One Piece Chapter 1102 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1102 officially releases on Sunday, December 24, 2023, at 5 p.m.  PDT. 

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