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One Piece 1103 Spoiler: What to expect from the chapter?

 We learn more about Bonney and Kuma in these last chapters, where is Oda going? Check out the incredible One Piece scan 1103 spoiler.

For many years, pirates from all over the world have been engaged in a fierce battle to get their hands on One Piece, a legendary treasure hidden by the late Gold Roger, the king of pirates. At the same time, a young man named Luffy decides to embark on an adventure at sea with the aim of becoming the ruler of the pirates!

Luffy and his crew are in Egghead and were able to discover the iconic Vegapunk character. This is also the first time that we see a member of the five elders, of the world government, fighting! Find out One Piece Chapter 1103 spoilers, release date, and a platform to read it for free and legally.

Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1103: What does this new chapter reveal to us? 

Update December 27, 2023: We finally have the first spoilers for One Piece chapter 1103! 

Summary of chapter 1103 titled “ I’m Sorry, Dad ”:

The chapter begins with the color cover, where the Straw Hats and Yamato ride Momonosuke in his dragon form, dressed in dragon-themed outfits to celebrate the 2024 Year of the Dragon.

The story picks up where the last chapter left off. Bonney comes out of the "Nikyu Room" in child form and apologizes to Vegapunk. He gives her a sapphire necklace in the shape of a sun, a 10th birthday gift from Kuma.

In the present, Bonney uses her "Nika Mitaina Mirai" attack against Saturn, but it fails and ends up weakened. Saturn realizes that the "Nika" Bonney knows is different from the real one, so she can only imitate the rubber power part.

Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1103: What does this new chapter reveal to us

All others are immobilized by the power of Saturn. Suddenly, Luffy begins eating food from the ground, but Saturn notices him and orders him to be restrained with Kairouseki.

It is revealed that the power of the "Toshi Toshi no Mi" was given to Bonney by Saturn, who conducted experiments to transfer the powers of the Devil Fruits via extracted medicine, avoiding eating the fruit itself. Ginny, who was also given the medicine by Saturn, developed a disease called " Sapphire Scales ", and this power was also passed on to Bonney.

According to Saturn, Bonney's power allows her to transform into any future imaginable, but the more she discovers the truth, the more limited her future possibilities become.

Bonney, desperate and doubting Nika's existence, weakens her Nika form. She apologizes to her father, as she is about to die despite Kuma's sacrifice for her.

As Saturn prepares to kill Bonney, Kuma suddenly arrives on Egghead Island, destroying the surrounding Marines. In the epic final scene, Kuma grabs Bonney and uses her body to protect her from Saturn's leg, which pierces through her back. Kuma then removes Saturn's leg from his back, turns towards him and prepares to strike him in rage, displaying the same face as in chapter 1,099.

Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1103: What does this new chapter reveal to us

The chapter ends before Kuma's fist hits Saturn. In the last panel, we see Saturn, sweating and scared. End of chapter.

Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1103: What does this new chapter reveal to us

One Piece Chapter 1103 Release Date 

One Piece Chapter 110 officially releases on Sunday, January 7, 2024, at 5 p.m.  (PT). 

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