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One Piece finally anticipates the return of Boa Hancock


One Piece finally anticipates the return of Boa Hancock

After several years of broadcast, the One Piece anime has completed the adaptation of the extensive Wano arc, which left great moments and very surprising revelations that marked a before and after in the plot, laying the foundations for a new stage of exciting events. adventures for the Straw Hats.

With the completion of the Wano arc, the plot of One Piece is preparing everything to begin its new arc, which seems very promising and full of amazing adventures that could give a 180-degree turn to the legendary story that has Eiichiro Oda has been telling stories for two decades.

But this is not the only interesting thing that the One Piece anime is about to address soon since episode 1087 anticipates the return of Boa Hancock, the Empress of Amazon Lily, and one of the most beloved and powerful characters in the series, detail which has excited fans who were eager to see Boa in action again.

This post contains Spoilers for episode #1087 of One Piece.

Episode 1087 of the One Piece anime anticipates the return of Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock will return in style in episode 1087 of the One Piece anime
Boa Hancock will return in style in episode 1087 of the One Piece anime

It has been a long time since Boa Hancock had her last appearance in One Piece, as the events had focused on the island of Wano and the fierce battles that were fought there. However, having concluded this extensive arc, the plot is bringing old and beloved characters back into action, as is the case of the Empress of Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock, who will return in style in the next episode of the anime.

Boa Hancock will not be the only one who will have a surprising return in the series since Koby and even Blackbeard will be back in an episode that will be full of great surprises after the dissolution of the Shichibukai, so the action cannot be missed in the next events of the series.

In fact, the teaser for episode 1087 has already shown a brief preview of the events that will take place in this chapter, which will bring back great characters from the series such as Boa Hancock, Koby, and the nefarious Blackbeard, who, apparently, is up to something. hands.

As can be seen in this teaser, the plot will focus on Amazon Lily, an island that is led by Boa Hancock, since, after the dissolution of the Shichibukai, the World Government has given the order to the Navy to go after the former members of this extinct organization, which is why Koby has come to this place to try to stop Hancock. However, everything seems to indicate that, as usual, Blackbeard has taken advantage of the confusion to attack this island, starting a pitched battle on this island.

The arrival of Koby and Blackbeard to Amazon Lily unleashes a three-way battle since Hancock along with the Kuja are defending this place, in which enormous chaos is glimpsed that could serve for individuals like Kurohige to take part in this terrible situation that has caused the dissolution of the Shichibukai and the relentless hunt that the Navy has waged against these pirates.

Without a doubt, Boa Hancock's return to action was one of the most anticipated moments by fans of the Pirate Empress, who had not appeared in the series for a long time. In addition to this, the presence of Koby and Blackbeard increases the expectations of the followers, who hope to see how this great war will develop in Amazon Lily, because, knowing Kurohige, she will not stop to carry out her nefarious plans.