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One Piece reveals a character who knew Luffy's secret all along


One Piece reveals a character who knew Luffy's secret all along

It is no secret to anyone that the history of One Piece has harbored a large number of mysteries that have kept the plot in enormous suspense and fans in suspense since Eiichiro Oda has been responsible for generating a lot of uncertainty with each enigma he has created. introduced over the years, raising many doubts in fans.

Likewise, among the many secrets that have taken place in the plot of One Piece is that of Luffy's Devil Fruit and its connection with Nika, the God of the Sun and Warrior of Liberation, whose mystery was revealed in the arc of Wano during his frantic battle against Kaido, as the Straw Hat managed to awaken the power of his Akuma no Mi, acquiring a new transformation called Gear Fifth, which is closely linked to this mythical warrior.

However, the most recent chapter of the manga has revealed that an important character already knew Luffy's secret long before it was revealed in his fight against Kaido in Wano, a detail that provides greater context of the events that have occurred in the plot.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #1101 of the One Piece manga.

Bartholomew Kuma already knew Luffy's secret and his connection with Nika

Bartholomew Kuma already knew Luffy's secret and his connection with Nika

Chapter after chapter, the One Piece manga does not stop surprising its followers, since thanks to the flashbacks of Kuma's past, many relevant secrets have been revealed that have provided greater context of the events seen throughout the years. years.

In fact, the flashbacks to Kuma's past have left great revelations that have shocked fans, which have laid the foundation for the new and disturbing stage that is about to unfold in the series. However, the most recent chapter has taken things to another level, as it has hinted that Bartholomew already knew about Luffy's big secret and his connection with Nika long before it was revealed to the world.

And it is that during chapter 1101 of the One Piece manga it was revealed that Kuma visited Villa Foosha in the past, a place where he witnessed how Luffy used his Devil Fruit powers while training in the mountains, I detailed that it worried him, Well, he knew that Nika had a rubber body from the stories his father had told him, so he became very interested in the Straw Hat, giving indications that the former Shichibukai already knew Luffy's big secret long before he will be revealed.

Furthermore, this detail is confirmed when Kuma tells Bonney that Nika has a rubber body and fights in a very fantasy way, implying that Bartholomew was always aware of Luffy's connection to the Liberation Warrior, as is. as has been demonstrated during this chapter.

In addition to this, if Kuma still had some suspicions about Luffy's connection with Nika, these were confirmed during the Sabbaody incident in which the Straw Hat made a fuss by hitting a Celestial Dragon, so Bartholomew came to this place performing very strange actions by protecting the Mugiwara and sending them to different islands to train and become stronger, giving way to the time jump.

In addition to this, Kuma protected the Thousand Sunny for two years, which suggests that the reason why he had these actions with the Straw Hats was because he faithfully believed that Luffy was Nika since Bartholomew has been looking forward to it for a long time. the return of this mythical savior who will change the world, so evidently, he did everything in his power to make sure that Mugiwara and that hope survived.

It should be noted that this was not the only Luffy secret that Kuma knew, as the former Shichibukai was also aware that the Straw Hat was the son of Dragon, which adds greater depth to Bartholomew's decisions during the Sabbaody incident...

Obviously, Bartholomew Kuma's past has shown that this could be one of the most important characters in the series, who has had a great involvement in the different relevant events of the plot, since everything seems to indicate that he already knew the great secret of Luffy long before he revealed himself to the world.