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Order medallions in Fortnite chapter 5: what effects and how to obtain them?

Discover the Order Medallions of Fortnite in Season & Chapter 5: their powers, risks, and strategies to dominate your opponents!

Today is a big day for Fortnite with the arrival of Chapter 5 and Season 1. In addition, 3 new game modes have been officially announced by Epic Games: LEGO, Festival, and Rocket Racing. Concerning season 1 of chapter 5, you will encounter a new feature: the Medallions of the Order. These unique items have the power to change the game in your games, and understanding how they work is crucial to dominating the island.

In this season, Fortnite introduces an innovative concept that combines strategy and suspense: the Medallions of the Order. Not only do these medallions boost your abilities, but they also add an exciting element of risk to the game. Let's take a look at how these medallions can transform your gaming experience.

Order Medallions in Fortnite, Season 5


  • Order Medallions are powerful items looted from defeating bosses in Fortnite Season 5.
  • They increase your shield and mark your position on the opponent's map.
  • Understanding the stats and effects of these medallions is crucial to developing winning strategies.

In this season, facing and defeating bosses such as Oscar, Nisha, Montaigu, Valéria, and the famous Peter Griffin from the series “The Griffins” is essential. Each defeated boss drops a Medallion of the Order. These medallions are valuable assets for your survival: they regenerate your shield over time. The more medallions you accumulate, the faster the regeneration.

However, owning a medallion comes at a price. You will find yourself marked on your opponents' map. This is a crucial element to consider: the more medallions you have, the more precisely your position is marked on the enemy map. It's a balancing act between power and discretion.

Order Medallions in Fortnite, Season 5

Order Medallion Stats

  • With 1-2 Max-Shield Medallions: Maximum shield 110.
  • With 3 Max-Shield Medallions: Maximum shield of 140.
  • With 4-5 Max-Shield Medallions: Impressive max shield of 200.
Regarding normal medallions:

  • With 1-2 Medallions: Regeneration of +3 shields/tick.
  • With 3 Medallions: Regeneration doubled to +6.
  • With 4-5 Medallions: Robust +8 regeneration.
These numbers clearly show that the more medallions you collect, the more powerful you become. But don't forget the risk of being spotted more easily by your opponents.

Having several medallions requires a suitable strategy. You must be prepared to face opponents more often because your position will be known. It is therefore advisable to prepare ambushes or move constantly to avoid being an easy target.

Medallions of Order in Fortnite Season 5 are a fascinating addition that brings a new level of strategy to the game. By understanding their effects and adapting your tactics, you can use them to your advantage while managing the risk they pose.