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Pokémon S&V The Indigo Disc: how to get MP quickly


Pokémon S&V The Indigo Disc: how to get MP quickly

MP (Blueberry Points) are the main currency of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Indigo Disc: we'll help you get a lot of them quickly.

The primary currency of The Indigo Disc is MP. They are earned by performing activities such as picking up objects from the ground or defeating Pokémon in automatic battles but they are obtained in a very small quantity each time.

You will need 12,000 MP if you want to capture all the starters and another 4600 MP to invite all the special trainers to the school to fight and trade with.

For every 11 PM mission you complete, you will also have a chance to catch a Legendary Pokémon, which is the goal of most players of the DLC. If you want to find out how to complete these missions quickly, read on.


The easiest way to quickly collect PMs is to create a Contact Circle with at least one other friend. Four people in multiplayer is the best solution but, if you have at least one partner, the game will be much faster. You can create a Contact Circle by going to the Poképortal from the main menu and selecting the option to create a Contact Circle. Make sure everyone has a strong internet connection if you want to do this.

When you are in a Contact Circle, all PM missions combine, meaning you can have up to 12 available at any time. Sometimes there will be two or more missions at the same time, and you only need to perform the action once to complete them all. Plus, everyone's actions contribute to achieving goals, so you'll have to collect fewer items or attack fewer Pokémon.


Every 10 missions, you are rewarded with a special red mission to get extra MP, while every three red missions you get a more difficult gold one. These missions can be worth many hundreds of MP and are worth pursuing. Overall, Contact Circles are by far the best way to get PMs and will save you a lot of time.


In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and The Indigo Disc, all trainer battles are optional. However, there are great rewards if you choose to fight him: not only will you get the usual monetary rewards, but for every five trainers you fight you will get a significant amount of MP as a reward.

Once you have fought five trainers in a sector, you can fly to that sector's refreshment point to claim the reward. A person here will give you 100 MP in increasing increments for every five trainers you defeat. For example, you will receive 100 MP for the first five trainers, and then 200 MP for the next five. Because of this, it's easy to understand how points accumulate. However, this only earns MP and does not count towards the Legendaries questline.