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Pulemyot 762 Warzone 3: Discover our classes for the best machine gun in the game!

 In Warzone, there are certain weapons that will quickly stand out from the crowd and carve out a place in the meta. In recent days, the Pulemyot 762 is clearly one of those weapons that are popular with players and streamers! In this article, we explain how to unlock it, but also equip it!

Mobility and high rate of fire, the Pulemyot 762 has it all!

With the idea of ​​adding even more gameplay to Warzone 3, Activision has added something new to weapon equipment this year, the conversion kit. If we're talking to you about this, it's because of course we're going to use it and that's what's responsible for the power of the weapon at the moment.

It's simple, you will quickly realize that all weapon classes of the Pulemyot 762 use the Bullpup JAK Annihilator conversion kit which allows you to make the weapon devastating! Because yes, this kit will allow you to greatly gain in terms of mobility and we know the importance of the latter in Warzone 3!

But in addition to modifying mobility, it will also make the Pulemyot 762 much more balanced in terms of these stats and finally to have access to new accessories that we will be able to use. As you will have understood, this kit is therefore the central point of this weapon class.

If certain elements are more or less replaceable, this kit is not! With the class that we offer you below, you will therefore find yourself with good mobility, but also a weapon that does very good damage and has fairly low recoil, making it quite easy to use.

  • Cannon: JAK Annihilator long barrel
  • Bezel: Slate deflector
  • Stock: D-15 Commando Recoil Reduction Pad
  • Cannon accessory: Bruen heavy support handle
  • Conversion Kit: JAK Annihilator Bullpup Kit

Mobility and high rate of fire, the Pulemyot 762 has it all

The Pulemyot 762 validated by ChowH1!

As we told you, at the moment the Pulemyot 762 is at the top and the biggest players/streamers are starting to play it and release their variations of the basic weapon class. This is for example the case of ChowH1 which recently tested the weapon and validated it!

Obviously, he also appreciated the recoil of the easy-to-manage weapon which allows it to be very precise, even when enemies move away. Its weapon class is obviously based on the same kit that we described in more detail in the first part.

However, there are still some small differences with the first class that we presented to you. We therefore encourage you to test both in order to find the one that best suits you and your style of play in Warzone 3.

  • Mouth: VT-7 Silencer
  • Cannon: JAK Annihilator long barrel
  • Scope: Corio Eagleseye x2.5
  • Cannon accessory: Bruen heavy support handle
  • Conversion Kit: JAK Annihilator Bullpup Kit

How to get the Pulemyot 762 in Warzone?

Now that we've told you why the Pulemyot 762 was so strong in Warzone 3, as well as two classes of weapons to test to form your own opinion on this weapon, let's conclude this article by telling you how to obtain it in-game.

The good news is that this is one of the very first weapons you will unlock. You just need to reach account level 4 to be able to benefit from it. So even if you just got the game, it won't be long before you can enjoy it!