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Refunding The Day Before on Steam: How to do it?

Following the disastrous launch of The Day Before, find out how to get a refund on Steam, step by step.

Refunding The Day Before on Steam: How to do it?

After the disastrous launch of The Day Before, publisher Mytona made the decision to work with Steam to offer refunds to those disappointed with the game. This article aims to guide you through the refund process on Steam, an exceptional situation following the sudden closure of the Fntastic development studio.

Mytona is offering refunds for The Day Before following a failed launch. The refund procedure on Steam is adapted to this particular situation. Even after playing for more than two hours, a refund is possible. We'll explain it all to you! 

Complete Guide to Getting a Refund from The Day Before

The game The Day Before experienced a major financial failure, prompting Fntastic to announce its closure. Faced with players' frustration, Mytona is committed to reimbursing those who feel wronged, regardless of the playing time spent.

Steps to request a refund

  • Access to Steam Support: Go to the Help tab of your Steam account and select The Day Before in your purchase history.
  • Refund Request: Choose I would like a refund then I would like to request a refund.
  • Reason for Refund: Under Reason choose it does not start or the game does not match the videos and screenshots.
  • Rationale: Provide links to trailers and articles explaining the discrepancies between the promised game and reality, highlight server problems or false descriptions.

With the closure of Fntastic, it may take time to process refund requests. If you have already attempted to obtain a refund without success, it is recommended that you repeat your request in light of recent events.

The exceptional situation around The Day Before has led to flexibility in Steam's refund policy. This guide is intended to help you navigate this process, increasing your chances of getting a refund. Despite the challenges, Mytona appears determined to take responsibility for this situation and offer some form of redress to affected players.