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Repelling Invaders WoW SoD: How to complete the quest "Repelling Invaders" ?

 In WoW SoD, there are unique and original quests that are unknown to players and sometimes difficult to complete. We are here for you!

The lands of Ashenvale (Ashenvale) are the scene of a fierce battle between the Horde and the Alliance in World of Warcraft. Among the many quests available, "Repel the invaders!" or 'Repelling Invaders!' offers players the opportunity to contribute to the domination of their faction.

However, some players encounter a problem when they want to complete or return the quest. We'll explain in detail how to complete the quest "Repel the invaders!" on WoW SoD

How to complete the quest Repel the Invaders in WoW Season of Discovery?

The quest Repel the Invaders in WoW SoD asks you to bring the Mark of Warsong Voltigeur to Felore Moonray, Priestess of the Moon, at the base of the Spring of Silverwing in Ashenvale.

This entire quest takes place in the Ashenvale region. Use this map to locate Silverwing Spring, where Felore Moonray awaits you to receive the Warsong Voltigeur's Mark. It is important to note that the quest can only be handed in during the PvP event. Make sure the event is active before to head towards Felore Moonray.

The blue dot is Felore Moonray.
The blue dot is Felore Moonray.

As some Warsong Voltigeurs lie defeated on the battlefield, the quest "Repel the Invaders" asks you to recover the Warsong Voltigeur's Mark from these fallen fighters.

Once you have the Warsong Voltigeur's Mark, go to the Silverwing Spring base and deliver it to Felore Moonray, Priestess of the Moon. Felore Moonray can also be found inside the Inn in Astranaar This will complete the quest and allow you to claim your rewards. 

As a reward, you will receive the Silverwing Battle Hymn. In addition, you will gain:

  • 2,000 experience points (for the original game)
  • 2,790 experience points (for Season of Mastery)
  • 200 reputation with Ironforge