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Season 2 of Warcraft Rumble: a new PvP map and a new troop to obtain!

 Warcraft Rumble Season 2 is available! Discover the Chimera Air Troop and face your rivals in the new PvP map, Arathi Basin!

The Warcraft Rumble universe is enriched with the arrival of season 2, scheduled for December 10. This new season brings its share of new features, including a new troop and a captivating PvP map, promising to renew the gaming experience for aficionados of this fantastic world.

Season 2 of Warcraft Rumble promises to be exciting with the arrival of the new Chimera troop and the Arathi Basin PvP map. Players will be able to experiment with new strategies and take advantage of special offers, while a special winter gift awaits die-hard fans this holiday season.

Everything new in Warcraft Rumble Season 2

Season 2 of Warcraft Rumble marks the entrance of a fascinating new troop, Chimera. This mythical, two-headed creature from Azeroth has the unique ability to target two enemies simultaneously, dealing lightning and poison damage. Available in the guild war chest and as a PvP reward, Chimera enriches the tactical possibilities for players.

In addition to Chimera, Season 2 introduces Arathi Basin, a dynamic PvP map set in a resource-rich mountain valley. This card will be accessible after winning PvE battles and obtaining eight sigils. The variety of towers and modifiers on this map promises strategic and exciting clashes.

Season 2 also offers special rewards for players during the holiday season. From December 26 to January 1, a special gift including figurines, coins, and EXP will be available for those who have accumulated at least 25 stamps. In addition, new winter offers will be offered during this period, adding additional appeal to the season.

Everything new in Warcraft Rumble Season 2

Season 2 of Warcraft Rumble promises to be an exciting adventure, full of new features and surprises. Whether through the addition of the Chimera troop or the Arathi Basin PvP map, players are invited to dive into a renewed universe, where strategy and tactics will be the keys to success. The festive period promises to be joyous and full of twists and turns in the world of Azeroth.