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Sergeant Frimas Fortnite: where to find him during the 2023 Winterfest?

Sergeant Frimas is back in Fortnite for Winterfest 2023! If you are looking for its location on the map, we tell you everything in this article!

The world of Fortnite never ceases to amaze with its exciting seasonal events, and Winterfest 2023 is no exception. Among this year's star attractions is the return of Sergeant Frimas. But where exactly to find him, and how to complete his quests?

The Fortnite Winterfest brings back Sergeant Frimas, a key character in the event. Located on the island of Winterbourne, in the north of the map, it offers special quests to players. Two main missions, rewarded with 15,000 XP each, involve collecting an item from a gift thrown by Frimas and doing an Emote with it or a Festive Card.

Where to find Sergeant Frimas in Fortnite?

Sergeant Frimas, the emblematic figure of Fortnite, resurfaces for the Winterfest 2023. Located precisely on Winterburg Island, northeast of Classy Courts, he is easily accessible via a zipline. Once on the island, spot Sergeant Frimas near the Recovery Van and interact with him. Contrary to his intimidating appearance, Sergeant Frimas is peaceful unless provoked.

Sergeant Frimas' quests are at the heart of this event:

  • The first mission, Obtain an item from a gift thrown by Sergeant Frimas, requires opening a gift he throws. Use your pickaxe to open it and reap the rewards.
  • The second mission, Emote with Festive Card or Sergeant Frimas, invites you to perform an emote near one of these NPCs. Cartonne Festive can be found at the Ship It! station, east of Pleasant Piazza.
Where to find Sergeant Frimas in Fortnite
Location of Sergeant Frimas on the Fortnite map

Sergeant Frimas enriches the Fortnite universe with his unique quests and exotic location. Players are invited to discover Winterburg, interact with fascinating characters, and earn valuable rewards.