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Share keys and world in Lego Fortnite - This is how you play with friends in co-op

 In Lego Fortnite, we can play multiplayer in different ways. The keys play an important role.

Share keys and world in Lego Fortnite - This is how you play with friends in co-op

Alongside Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival, Lego Fortnite is one of Fortnite's new standalone modes. In the survival crafting adventure, we set off into a new world in which we mine resources, craft buildings and objects from them, and take on monsters.

But we don't have to experience all of this alone, we can also invite friends. This goes in different ways and also determines how many rights they have in your world. Anyone who has a key is more than just a simple guest.

How many players can we play with in a world? The limit for online co-op is 8 people. Accordingly, everyone has seven keys to their own world.

Play Lego Fortnite in co-op without a key

If you just want to play Lego Fortnite with friends for a while and invite them to your world, it's very easy:

  • Add others directly from the lobby and enter your world together.
  • Send an invite to the person you want to play with while already in your world.
Fellow players who join you will be guests in your world for as long as you are actively playing. If you want to play together again a few days later, you have to actively invite them again.

Share Lego Fortnite world via key

If you don't want to keep adding your friends to your world, you can also give them one of the seven keys. As the actual host, you give others access to your world, even if you are not online yourself. This way you can create a world together without everyone always having to be present.

This is how you distribute keys:

  1. Select the world for which you want to distribute keys and start playing normally.
  2. Opens the world map.
  3. Navigate to the Players tab.
  4. Select "Invite Player".
  5. The friends menu opens. There you can select the relevant person and give them a key.

But be careful! Theoretically, key owners can also play practical jokes in your absence and, for example, destroy buildings. If you want to revoke someone's "VIP access", you can do that without any problems.